Earwig Phobia

by Chloe H

Made me cringe just uploading it eurgh.

Made me cringe just uploading it eurgh.

I was about 12 and had recently moved into a new house and I hadn't put my bed up, so I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and I was on my laptop and I looked over to get something and an earwig was on my shoulder and I had never seen one before, it was horrible. I just screamed and got my brother to trap it in a cup. I didn't sleep in that room till my bed was up and I put it at the other side of the room, I'm just so scared of earwigs.

When I was 12 I was believing the myth that they crawled into your ears and laid eggs while you were sleeping and try to chew your eardrum to pieces or something, I now know it's a myth but I'm still really scared of them. It's pretty much harmless, I know that but if I was faced with one it's like it could kill me no word of a lie.

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