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by: Anonymous

I am 46 years old, have raised five children. I too have been robbed of living my life to its fullest by driving anxiety. I think it all started at the age of three when my grandmother drove into someones living room. My sister and my cousin got hurt bad, but I didnt. I remember feeling such guilt for that. Then at fifteen my boyfriend ran a redlight and crashed into another car. I was pretty hurt, but I could see the older lady, she was the passenger in the other car. She was hunched over and later died. I managed to drive for years with the fear but not distances. Later I lost my mother and moved back to here and was rear ended three times in a year. I wasnt driving in any of the accidents. It seemed to trigger the anxiety and it got worse. I would drive around the neighborhood occasionally, but then my kid got their licenses and I had to make sure they drove right. So I barely would drive. Last year I got up to go to work and I felt like I really needed to drive instead of my daughter, who drove me everyday. On the way to work we were T-boned. If my daughter had been driving I think she would have gotten hurt worse than I did. She always put her leg between the door and the seat. Now I can count the times I have driven on one hand in the last year. I resigned at work, and struggling more than ever, just being in a car. I tried to confront my fear for heading out on a two week journey across country 84 hours on the road. I wasnt driving, but it was a challenge. My family doesnt understand,my husband thinks it BS and my kid make jokes about it. They just dont get it. This fear has robbed me of living. I am so tired of this.....

by: Anonymous

I'm 28 and I have never had a license because of my driving phobia. I've managed to keep a job for 10 years and have been in several long term relationships but it is still very hard to deal with. My family and friends will never understand. My boyfriend is a saint, he drives me to and from work every day and rarely complains but I still feel terrible.

In My Head I Can Do It - But in Reality I Can't
by: Anonymous

I agree that this a fear I can only tell my family about. Anytime I have a conference to attend that is work related, I meet my husband and have him drive me and wait for me. No one knows!! I drive all around my area with a sense of ownership but... ask me to drive on the interstate and I freak out. Believe it or not, I drove on the Interstate for years but moving to Florida gave me this phobia. the drivers do not use turning signals and move like they are in a video game. I wanted to try driving on the interstate this morning when traffic is lighter but could not get out of bed - fearful to the core.
HELP - Does anyone else live in South Florida where the driving is horrific?

Driving Phobia
by: RedSky

When I was 15, I was all gung-ho about driving, until my stepfather was killed in an auto accident. Then I was scared half to death. I didn't get my licence until I was 17. Then, my fears got worse. When I was your age, I never wanted to drive. I started having anixety attacks WHILE driving. The interstate, to me, seemed like a deathtrap.

I am glad to say I have conquered a lot of this phobia. What helped? One, I try not to drink a lot of caffeine before I drive because caffeine can make you antsy. I listen to relaxing music I like. I don't know what religious beliefs you have (if any), but prayer has helped me out tremendously.

Also, I have driven places I was scared to drive. Then I realized they weren't so bad after all. It may sound lame, but it worked. Remember: baby steps. If you need to pull over and take a breather, do so.

Be sure to take nice, deep breaths and to unclench your teeth and hands. Focus on something else other than your fears: make mental lists in your head, for instance. Try to come up with a city for every letter of the alphabet, for instance.

Hope this helps!

fear of driving
by: Anonymous

i am so worried about drivig no one understands how i feel about it i feel sick so awful all th time i ony drive 6 miles to work and back wont go any were else it holds my life up i could do so much if i could lose this fear

same phobia
by: Anonymous

I have the same phobia and it is affecting my career. How do we overcome it?

I have the same problem
by: Tommy Flores

I just turned 21 and I still have no knowledge of how to drive. All being due to the fear of getting in an accident.

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