Driving Phobia

I've been driving for 30 years. One day last year i entered the freeway like i had a thousand times before and had a panic attack. I haven't driven on the freeway since. I suffer with anxiety that cripples me only when i drive. I find it difficult to control my thoughts when i drive and i can't tolerate speed of over 40 mph.

When i drive with friends i have to sit in the backseat to control my anxiety. This driving phobia so new to me as i have driven for many years. It hit me in a flash. I've sought therapy but nothing has worked so far. Its now been a year since this phobia hit me.

It has caused me so much frustration as i drive for a living. I crawl around the side streets where i can go 25 mph, and i burn a ton of gas because i have to take the long way to get anywhere. I can't drive on a freeway or any busy street.

I don't have rational thoughts when i drive which causes anxiety to set in. I've done exposure therapy but so far i haven't gotten past 40 mph. I'm at my wits end and not sure what to do next? I can't stay in this situation.

Signal lights are extremely hard to pass thru and i have to put my visor down so i can't see the light. My thought is someone will run a light and hit me so i slow down at every light and treat it like a stop sign which makes other drivers upset.

I haven't met anyone else who has a driving phobia. I didn't talk about it for months and months. I was to embarrassed. Doctors have put me on anti depressants to cure it but it only spaced me out as i am not depressed, i just can't drive.

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