Don't know how i got this fear of clowns

I am 21 years old and recently started having this fear of clowns. i probably noticed no more than 2 years ago and i have no idea how i got it... i have never been scared of clowns b4. I’
ve been to birthdays that had clowns, never was scared... i recall one birthday i went to where i felt uncomfortable but thought nothing of it at all. i even saw the move "IT" more than i could even remember, i actually have to say i loved the movie.

But now, i hate it, i am terrified of clowns! the second i see one, my eyes begin to water, then i feel my heart pounding out of control, and i get short of breath...why or how did i get this phobia all of a sudden? i recently tried watching "IT" when they were playing it on tv and my eyes would water b4 the clown even came out and i couldn’t watch it; a movie i use to love, i cant even look at anymore..

The worst experience i ever had was going to Halloween horror nights 16 in Orlando.. in the line for the clown haunted house, i wanted to cry, i was shaking, sweating, i was scared we got in the house and i had my head was on my friends back, looking down with my eyes close the entire time, she told me "i think its done there’s no more people" and me being dumb, i looked up and the main clown was in front of my face, i screamed so loud and got so scared i pushed the entire line to get out.

When we got out of the house my heart felt like i just ran a mile without stopping and my breathing was out of control. i was going to this year's Halloween horror nights this weekend actually where the theme is at the carnival and the main character is Jack. Just getting everything ready to go, my eyes would water and id get short of breath. i didn’t go, people couldn’t go at the last minute, and the ones who were able to, changed their mind because a company called Havoc was going the same weekend; my mom says it was a sing that i wasn’t supposed to go. oh well...

This was my story of events, and if i may say, just talking about it, my heart is pounding a little faster than it should be.. i hate it! i also have this fear of feet, but that’s a whole other story to tell.

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