Do You Suffer From Dog Phobia?

Dog phobia is an intense fear of dogs and many are victim of it. It is a kind of phobia that robs your mental peace and catapults you into a situation where you remain scared most of the time about dog attacks and the harm that will be caused.

Cynophobia is the clinical name.

A Study On Dog-Phobia
Dog-phobia is considered as a very common genre of phobia that initiates at a tender age of a child, prior to reaching ten years.

You may have been slightly scared of dogs during childhood like other children; however, when your fear reaches abnormal heights then you may be suffering from dog phobia.

To be more precise, Cynophobia is defined as the irrational, but persistent fear in the mind about dogs and the anxiety about getting rabies.

But it is very logical that the fear cannot be erupted just in a day. Some scary event in the past related to dogs must have triggered the fear in your mind.

It can therefore be said that some childhood trauma related to dog in the past must have caused the fear. Moreover, the intensity of fear can differ from person to person.

You may encounter a mild degree of fear, while others may suffer from full-blown panic attacks.

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The Symptoms Of Dog-Phobia
You will understand whether a person is suffering from dog phobia by observing a few common symptoms.

These include sweating, irritation, rapid heart beat, trembling, feelings of anger, feelings of nausea and shortness of breath.

Every time you hear the barking of the dog, you will find an insufferable fear gripping your mind.

You will find yourself going weak in the knees and eventually fear deadly to step outside the house and counter the dog at any possible situation.

However, you should sort to a proper treatment that can bring relief to your long term problem.

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