Do i have a phobia of or not?

by amelia

i dont think i have a phobia of death but i have a fear of it. for example if im walking home alone i will answer questions as if i am being interviewed after my death but it will be from another persons point of view.

can say that im not scared of dying of old age in my sleep but im really scared of being murdered and being in that whole situation. i dont think i have a phobia but i may have a fear of death because i read all of the symptoms and i dont get anything like them i dont even think i have symptoms of the phobia of death i guess im just really scared and i dont want to die young.

i want to travel the world and see the sights hopefully i dont develop the phobia of death because i dont want to have those symptoms or anything remotely like it

soo thnx for reading and please help coz i am really confused thnx again

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