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by: Jen m

wow, I have had this phobia from childhood, my children had to hide their socks from me and put them inside the washing machine on wash day, before I spotted them, and I
never wear em, if I do I practically vomited when I have to take them off, then they go straight in the bin!

Dirty Sock Phobia!
by: "CAT"

Wow! I can't believe I have found someone besides my daughter who hates.....I mean absolutely hates dirty socks! There just has to be a name for this, seeing how some many people have this. Well, we all have some sort of phobia.....but socks???lol....

Dirty wet socks
by: Chardin

Omg! I'm not the only one. I hate dirty, wet socks. I will not wear a pair of white socks. I fear the will get dirty. And wet. I hate the feeling! When I think about it. My stomach gets upset. I gag. And it make my skin crawl... Eww.

socks suck
by: Nik

I have a similar phobia, but it's of other people's socks no matter if they are clean or dirty. They could be brand new and I won't touch them.

I can only touch my own socks and can only wear white sports socks.

by: MaryJane.

Its not just you.
Im the same way. Sort of...

I looked for a name just now & this came up.

But im only afraid of the socks that had sweat or something...maybe even just got wet from snow or water on the floor...&t hen dried.

The crusty socks.
Especially ones with dirt in them. & the ones that smell bad.

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