dirt and outside world phobia

i have this complex of related phobias that are killing me and destroying my life and family
i hate dirt,bathrooms, bio fluids . i cannot pick up any thing off the floor ,even off my clean apartment floor , i cannot shake hands with any one fearing that he meight not has washed his hands well after toilet.
but my real problem is about strict separation of the outside world "as i call it " which is any thing outside the house. so i cannot simply buy a chocolate bar and eat sitting on my sofa because the packing is dirty because it was in the supermarket which is from outside . so if i need to buy a chocolate bar i need to open the packing and flip it so the bar would fall in a clean plate and put it in the refrigerator for late. i cannot buy a pen unless it is well packet in plastic . the real problem is that it is impossible to leave the house and come back without taking a long shower after i return home, so when i return home i cannot touch the living room door nope or light switch before taking a shower , so in short the inside of the apartment must be infected with the outside world . this phobia is killing me
if any one has idea what should i do please send me your opinion on : t.n.blazar at gmail.com ^_^

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