How To Cure
Dentist Phobia?

Dentist phobia is a strong resentment in visiting a dentist.


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This form of fear and dislike can be so strong and persistent that it will always keep you away from a dental clinic no matter how severe tooth problem you may be suffering from.

Dental phobia is totally irrational in which you associate dental surgery to something brutal and painful.

Each year numerous individuals suffer from dentist phobia and experience immense distress and pain.
Moreover, the most unfortunate part of the story is that several dental phobia therapies take months to convince the victimized individuals with minimized positive results.

Such therapies follow the traditional method of exposing the individual several times to the condition of fear without having any remarkable improvement in their phobic condition.

Dentist fear or phobia is also commonly known as Odontophobia, Fear of Teeth or Fear of Dental Surgery. Its impact is so strong and overpowering that your normal existence is greatly affected.

It massively deteriorates the quality of life and unfortunately makes you experience several panic attacks.

You gradually start feeling pathetically irritable with the pain in your tooth as well as the fear of visiting a dentist.

Thus, you prefer to keep your self-aloof from social associations, friends and loved ones.

Some of the common symptoms of dentist phobia include:

  • Shortness of breathe

  • Rapid breathing

  • Irregular pulsation of the heart

  • Sweating

  • Nausea

  • An altogether feeling of fear and anxiety

Factors responsible for causing dentist phobia
  • You may become a victim of dental phobia due to unfavorable experiences from the past.

  • Sometimes the toothache becomes so unbearable that you feel you are unable to withstand an excess amount of pain at the time of treatment.

  • Your reluctance may also rest upon the fact that you are afraid of being scolded and rebuked by the dentist for neglecting your problem.

  • You may come to hear of exaggerated painful stories of other toothache victimis and feel afraid to see a dentist.

  • Alarming and frightening portrayals of dentists on televisions, magazines and newspapers can also be a cause of dentist phobia.

The most effective way of treating dentist phobia is to motivate yourself positively and gather more knowledge about the entire procedure.

You may also visit an experienced dental expert and convince yourself with his comments and explanations. This will help you to learn more and save yourself from an irrational form of fear.

Drugs cannot cure this type of phobia. They may only handle the situation for a negligible amount of time and thus the recurrence of the phenomenon of panic attacks become inevitable.

Treatment methods that are successful in treating this type of phobia are NLP and Energy Therapy

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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