How To Cure Dental Phobia?

Dental phobia is often a lonely and unattractive state caused by the fear to go to dentists for regular check ups. This phobia in most cases leads to discolored teeth and bad breath, thus causing social embarrassment and lack of self confidence.

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As one skips the dental check ups, plaque builds up on the teeth and eventually gum disease occurs. Moreover, there is often the problem of mouth ulcers. It is therefore imperative to overcome the mental blockage and see a dentist as early as possible.

Causes of dental phobia
Dental phobia or the fear of the dentist not only causes physical agony but also can rob you of your mental peace and precious smile. A phobic person tends to think more about his/her teeth than a normal one.

Researchers show that approximately 15% people avoid dental treatment owing to the anxiety of facing the dentist whereas an astounding 80% people experience some sort of tension in the dental environment.

Some of the common causes of fear are painful or negative experiences during prior dental visits, negative portrayal of dentists on TV and in movies, a fear of foray and lack of control while in the dentist's chair, extreme sensitivity to the dentists’ white coat, mask, and latex gloves, hearing the buzz coming from within the consulting room, reckless comments from friends, family, or even dentists or dental hygienists and a sense of embarrassment concerning facing the dentist with signs of dental neglect.

How to cure dental phobia?
Friends or relatives can do very little to cure dental fear until and unless you overcome your fear and embarrassment and come clean with it. In case of any phobia, it is essential to confront the fear (not forget it).

The very first step towards the cure is your understanding of the fact that dental phobia is curable. Then you need to gather your courage (if not in one day) and look for a dentist who can cater to your cause. In yellow pages you will come across dentists who specially treat nervous or phobic patients.

Be out and out honest with your dentist and tell all the problems. Effective communication between you and your dentist can go a long way. You can also establish a signaling system like raising a hand when you feel like asking for a break.

You can enhance your knowledge in this field by going through brochures, books, Internets, etc. The more your knowledge base is, the less is the anxiety.

While at the dentist’s chamber try relaxation techniques and also distract your mind by listening to music. The predictable pain a can be controlled by administering local anesthetics.

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy can be practiced to cure dental phobia. Some dentists are initiating the use of a technique known as guided imagery where they will discuss positive experiences like holidaying.

Others play soothing background music and apply techniques like virtual reality goggles to show DVDs and other diverting imagery.

The pre-requisites of a good dentist
Some of the key features of good dentists are competence, patience, friendliness, good communication, attempt to make each visit as less painful as possible, a caring attitude and sympathy towards the patient’s past problems and dental traumas.

How to treat dental phobia with the help of self help NLP techniques
Self help NLP is the best and the most trusted cure for dental phobia. Such techniques help you to detach yourself from negative thought patterns so that you can gather utmost confidence and face reality with sheer mental courage.

NLP self help techniques helps you to get rid of your phobia, fast and easy. Please do understand that the dentist is not a villain and that there is nothing to be afraid of a regular or specific dental check up.

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