The Adverse Effects of Dental Fear And Phobias

Dental fear and phobias prevent you from visiting a dentist for the required treatment of your teeth and gums. Dental fears can be unrelenting and constant. Such a form of fear is so severe that you won’t feel like visiting a dentist even if you have to hold your gums for the whole day.

Jan Heering

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Fear of dentists or dental phobia is ridiculous, because it is just a simple procedure, which you tend to associate with something brutal and vicious.

Every year many people become victims of dental fear and phobias. Thus, they have to go through limitless suffering. However, what is most regrettable is that therapies concerning dental phobia take months to provide relief to the victim and come up with negligible positive results.

Such therapies are extremely traditional and believe in exposing the individual repeatedly to the condition of fear. Ultimately there is little or no improvement and the phobia still exists and creates lots of complications and hazards.

However, some of the most usual symptoms of dental fear and phobias are:

  • Sweating

  • Shortness of breath

  • Feeling immensely disturbed due to fear and anxiety

  • There is rapidity in breathing

  • Nausea

  • The heart throbs irregularly

This particular fear or phobia form is also known as Odontophobia, Fear of Teeth or Fear of Dental Surgery. The effect of dental phobia is so intense and unbearable that you can’t even exist normally.

It ruins your existential quality and thus you have to go through several panic attacks. The pain is both sided, the one which inflicts your teeth and the other which agonizes your brain as you feel terribly afraid to go to a dentist.

Thus, you don’t feel like mixing with people and you tend to keep yourself locked away from all friends and members of the family.

What makes you suffer from dental fear and phobias?

  • At the beginning, you tend to neglect your problem, and after that, you are afraid to face the dentist, for you think he may scold and rebuke you for being so negligent

  • Dental phobia can also make you suffer due to an adverse occurrence from the past

  • Shocking and terrifying depiction of the dentist on magazines, newspapers and televisions can be a significant cause of dental fear and phobias

  • At times, the pain in the teeth is so excruciating that you feel a visit to the dentist will further make matters more complicated and painful for you

  • You may come across people who love to tell lovely tales of their toothache and their imaginary bravery in withstanding the pain of a dental treatment. This makes you immensely afraid and you no longer wish to see a dentist

How can NLP self-help techniques help you get rid of dental fear and phobias?
Self-help NLP techniques are just fantastic in treating conditions of dental fear and phobias. They help you believe in reality.

In 15 minutes you are able to face the truth that dental phobia is an irrelevant perception and that dental treatment is just a mere procedure where there is no need for you to be afraid of the dentist.

NLP self-help techniques enable you to change your mental “constructs” and help you think more positively in life.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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