Deep Social Phobia

by Mohammad Hossain Hashemi
(Tehran , Iran)

I have a deep Social Phobia , when I date my girl friend alone,I start having a deep Stress till I get to appointment place,Stress that is directly in touch with my stomach,and my stress pulses to my stomach , and it damages.

If I don't use my pills sometimes I throw up and my body goes loose and I get a bad nausea,Doctor prescribed me some medicines as : Alprazolam XANAX for stopping stress and Propranalol to arrange my heart beats,and told me to use them half an hour or an hour before the dates , and he said medicines are helpful but you must face the girls everyday and talk to them about different subjects till your Phobia will suppress in approximately 14 weeks or maybe more !

I've been better before ,but now it's worse with my new girl friend , It really hurt me at first day of appointment .

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