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by: Emily

I am 100% with you!

my family and friends think i am joking about this.
last year i went to the doctor and they just ASKED me about the gardisil shot and menengitis shot, i started to cry.

Since i play sports i always have to have physicals.. so im always at the doctors.

but i cannot stand needles, doctors, or IVs, veins. ANYTHING of that sort.

but im here, i know exactly what you are going through.

by: Kathryn

Hi Megan

I had a bad experience cold turkeying off medication. It made me very fearful of meds, I did wean off some five years ago and didn't suffer any adverse effects from the weaning but I am still very afraid of them. I am unfortunately taking some again because of a breakdown and I am worrying too about coming off eventually although I shouldn't because I know that I have done it previously.

Good luck with your fears, hopefully this programme will help you.



i hate needles

i hate needles so much.... im not scared of the medication or anything... just the thought of a needle going into..... ok.... i cant say it... it freaks me out just talking about it....

but yeah, because of my fear of needles, i hesitate going to the doctors, because i think theyre going to inject me with something

not afraid
by: Anonymous

I'm not afraid of doctors, I just plain out don't like them. Though my hate and your fear are connected.
It's because we associate them with pain. This is because in order to be cured, we must go through some degree of pain. It's only normal.
As for needles, just an FYI; it's not the NEEDLE you feel, but the medication they give you that burns/hurts (the medication is at the tip of the needle.) Also the rubbing alcohol on your skin irritates the shot site abit.
And medications; I (again) just don't like them, but that's because of a bad experience with an asprin...overdose...wasn't fun, don't try it.
Just follow the instructions on the back. (Though I know what you mean, I'm also pretty fearful of taking pills or something. I was meant to take a perscription, but I didn't because I was afraid of the side-effects. That's what you're afraid of; painful side-effects.)

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