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More people are scared of Oompa Loompas, too!
by: Vickery Rose

I am soo scared of those Oompa Loompas! They kidnap the freaking kids! I still won't eat Wonka candy because of them! The movie is so scary! Wonka's already bad himself!

YES !!!!
by: Anonymous

FINALLY !!! After years of ridicule, I now know i'm not the only one!!

by: Brittanie

I am sooo happy and reliefed that i am not the only one that is afraid of these.. i ahte them with everythign i got... my family makes fun of me and thik that it is funny when it is not... they sing the song (((( i cry everytime that i hear it, does anyone else?))) and try to get me to watch the movie.. thank you everyone who has posted it makes me feel so much better that i am not the only one iwth the fear (:

by: Truerodigy

I'm overjoyed that I've finally found some people who are in the same category as i am! XD
One day when i was in the sixth grade my teacher gave 5 kids in the class an option to bring any movie we wanted into class, and the movie that got the most votes was the movie we had to watch...and sadly it was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory..:( I told my teacher i had "oompalooompadaleaphobia" and all she said was "Just sit down and watch the movie!" after that day I didnt think i could ever unsee that movie...until my crush said "I heard you had a fear of oompa loompas." At first i was embarrassed, I could feel my cheeks turning crimson. until he told me he had oompaloompapadaleaphobia too. If any of you have a crush or friend just talk to them about your phobia, and it might go away! :)

Straight Fear
by: Copper

My brothers used to make me watch Charlie and the Chocolate factory when I was young. They thought it was funny when the oompaloompa's started singing and I would throw up. I am a 40 year old Deputy Sheriff now and the oomps are still the scariest thing I have ever faced.

they scare me too
by: Anonymous

i am completely terrified of OL's when i was little i saw the movie and cried my eyes out. Then when i was a teenager i was a rookie in a club and old members buy the rookies and make them look like fools. anway my friend bought me and made me dress up like an OL and sing the song! I was so scared and mad.

I'm not alone! :-)
by: Susie

I watched the movie when I was younger with my siblings and I was affraid... As I got older I thought I would have gotten over the fear like the boogie man or being affraid of the dark... Nope, the fear is still there... I tried watching the movie when I was older and as soon as those OL's started there head popping in and out of the hole I freaked and had a panic attack looking for the damn remote. Then I went on a haunted hay ride for halloween and I had to sit in the middle of the wagon on my legs and they fell asleep... when it was time to get off there were 5 OL's running around and I couldn't feel my legs, to move, to run, or even to stand! It was like a really bad nightmare... I was almost in tears and everyone laughed... They scare me as bad as snakes, rats, or spiders to some people...

16 and afraid of oompa loompa's
by: Caitiie

Oompa loompa's scare the ever loving crap outta me. If i see a picture i almost pee my pants && almost bursted into tears. The way the one oompa loompa in the movie at the end of the song the one stares right at the camera and it really horrifies me.

It can affect anyone
by: Anonymous

Like some of the previous posted comments, I am wildly amused with little people. I find them humorous in every way. Elves, dressed as the band KISS (Little Kiss), playing sports, you name it. I saw one edging a lawn in my neighborhood with an edger twice his size. Hilarious. I am genuinely and respectively amused.

EXCEPT. . .dressed as an Oompa Loompa. I AM TERRIFIED!! Not just scared. Pee in your pants, huddle in the corner hugging myself, runaway, sheer panic FEAR.

I am a personal trainer, I have no problem with tough and dangerous situations. I can take on anything, anytime, any place regardless of the outcome or situation. No fear. BUT. . . .if I am in the gym pumping up and an Oompa Loompa walks in. . . .I would absolutely lose my mind. . .and whatever is in my bladder for that matter also.

That orange skin. The green hair. Those damn creepy songs. Every time they show up, some kid disappears. No thanks. I also have a perception that they can move at lightning speed and there is nothing I can do to get away.

Thanks everybody for posting, I hope this helps.

Those freaky little ol's
by: Leigh Anne

I have been freaked out by those creepers!!! My family told me I had to be the only one that could possibly be afrail of OL'S, I knew it couldn't be true! I'm happy I have found others! My older brother would chase me around the house singing that song. I threw up several times as a kid because of them!!!!

Thank god i'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

Oh man! I'm 21 and I've been afraid of them as long as I can remember. In grade 10 my history teacher had the song stuck in her head and sang it and I screamed and started crying. It's embarassing. I'm SO afraid of them! I don't like midgets either but it's the OL's that send me into a frenzy! I HATE them and as the same with all of you, my friends used to think it was funny but now they know better as I go insane. I posted this forum on my facebook so all my friends and family could see I'm not the only one!

by: Charlie

I cannot believe so many people are in the same boat as me! I have been afraid ever since i was a young child and I cannot stand Charlie and the Chocolate factory :/

:D AH!!
by: LoriBhx

Oh wow. I'm so happy.. I never knew other people had oompaloompadaleaphobia as well! I'm SO afraid of OL's. I've only told a few of my friends. Those who do know are assholes and call me up singing the OL song..I promptly hang up on them. ): But I'm glad that I'm not alone <3 It honestly makes e feww so much better.

OL's are scary
by: Brittany

ever since i was little OL's have scared me. there little orange with green hair that sing scary songs. i remember when i was in 8th grade that i had to have my mom write me a note to get out of class because my class was going to watch it for two days cause class was only an hour long. anyway i have been scared of that movie since i was little. now the new one with johnny depp doesnt scare me at all i really like it. another part of the movie that scares me is when that girl violet turns into a blueberry and the guy that plays mr. wonka. now i was wondering is there a name for thies phobia?

Me Too
by: Anonymous

Growing up, all of my friends would poke fun of me because of my fear. The first time I saw the movie, I was younger and I ran out of the room screaming and crying. Ever since then, I will flip out, scream & cover my eyes if I ever see one. I hate that song. To this day, I have not watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Wow- me too!
by: Anonymous

I can't believe so many people are afraid of OL's! I thought it was only me. I don't mind the new ones from the Johnny Depp movie- but the Gene Wilder ones are SO scary! My brother used to sing the song to torment me! I am grown now- and still do not like OL's- I also don't care for teletubbies...but that?s a different subject?

by: Anonymous

You are not alone! My husband does NOT like Oompa Loompas nor does he like the weird little song either!!!We make fun of him and let me tell you he is no sissy either!! He is an avid hunter and can go into the woods in the dark by himself, but if he saw an Oompa Loompa, I don't know what he would do.

by: Anonymous

Everyone at school tease me about it and i get freaked out and cry and hyperventilate. I hated them ever since i was young and i cannot look at them or listen to the song! Midgets don't scare me it's just ...."These" took so much strength too even read the word..."Oompa loompa"

by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one. I had a nightmare after watching the movie and I've been scared ever since. Everyone thinks I'm very weird and crazy. However, they think a fear of clowns is acceptable. I'm sorry but Oompa Loompas are WAY scarier than clowns. They are tiny, fat, orange things with green hair that come out of nowhere and sing freaky songs at you. What's not to be scared of?

by: Anonymous

I am deathly afraid of Oompa loompas also, I've been this way since I was little. Everyone thinks it's histarical and everyone gets a good laugh out of it.

oompa-loompa Phobia
by: Anonymous

me too, i can't be in the same room if a song is playing or if there is a picture of one or anything to do with it. it's not that i'm just annoyed by them, they actually scare me to death. i was wondering if there is an actual name for the phobia/fear of them?

me too!!
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness, I feel the same exact way.
All of my kids tease me about it and they sing "oompa loompa doopadidoo I got something ready for you"
Don't feel like your the only one because I feel like that, and I'm sure that plenty of other human beings feel the same way.

by: Ashleigh

My name is Ashleigh and I am very afraid of oompaloompas, its very strange because I am almost the same size as them. They have always scared me ever since a OL attacked me in my dream it scared me so bad that that I pooped my self, I am 22 now and I still scream everytime I see them

by: Anonymous

i have the exact same fear. i love little people and the midgets in wizard of oz are okay, but nothing bothers me like oompa loompas.

Same Here!
by: Eddie

I'm 28. And the oompa loompas still scare the crap out of me! Creepy music, creepy looks everything. I haven't seen the new version of it. Is it creepy as well?

Same here
by: Anonymous

I'm a 20-year-old man. Oompa Loompas are the scariest thing I have ever seen.

I like Munchkins, love dwarves, fascinated by but certainly no problem with midgets -- real or fictional, little people don't bother me except for OLs. My best friend thinks they're cute and can't understand what's wrong with me.

Me too
by: Kae

My friends are the same way. I have a huge fear of Oompa Loompas. It all started with a dream... I seen the movie, was weirded out, but the nightmare came that night. The things were coming through my windows with knives and crazy eyes....Trying to kill me. Haven't been able to stand them since. My friends laugh at me and sing the song as well. I scream and plug my ears. I cry too sometimes. You are not alone

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