Deathly afraid of injections

by Neve
(New York )

I am 13 yrs old and i am deathly afraid of injections. I mus have had a bad expiriance with them when I was younger so now whenever I go to the doctors I go into panic mode and am really jumpy even thinking about them is just making my body panic or something. I would sooo rather get sick than get a shot. I am also terrified of surgery. I had to get my adnoids out when I was 7 and they gave me this sleep thing that tasted like cranberries I was terrified and it didn't help that the doctor was trying to sugar coat it. He was like you we be asleep during the whole thing ad it will be fun and im like panic trying to run away! And then I woke up with a neddle in my arm and got so freaked out. Then I had to go to the bathroom and the nurse was like trying to like help me and I was like lady i can do this by my self Im a big girl y'know. They didn't even want me to walk to the car and I'm like let me go no I'm not going to use a wheelchair! I drink cranberry juice for years after that. So I pretty much don't trust doctors.

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