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by: Anonymous

Wikianswers says this is called "oleophobia"

Your Not alone
by: Kyle

Your not alone, I'm the same way. Deathly afraid of grease. Wash my face tens of times a day, avoid all food with grease, ect. Cannot go to bed without showering.

response to "Deathly afraid of grease"
by: Anonymous

sounds like you should go see your doctor buddy,i have ocd and hate greasy/oily hands or skin but you have to relise that the oils in your hands are normally natural and protect you from bacteria.

wet texture
by: Anonymous

I don't know, I am trying to figure out my phobia which sounds a little bit similar to yours. I can't stand wet textures, like lotion or oil or even water. I don't have a problem showering or washing hands, but I immediately have to dry myself completely. If my husband gets out of shower and doesn't dry himself completely and touches me, I feel my skin crawl. I was not able to put lotions on my kids, not even sunscreen. i would make my husband do it, but when he wasn't around i would feel guilty for not doing it. now i think my son has the same thing. he is very young but he seems to have the same aversion to textures, but he also doesnt like sand, dirt, paint etc. Good luck dear!

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