Deathly Afraid of Crickets

by Bay

I wasn't always scared of crickets. But when I was 13, I was using the bathroom in my house and saw a HUGE cricket on the floor. Not wanting it to jump on me, I threw a towel over it. Later, I told my dad he should probably go get it and put it outside. Instead, he put it in a tissue and proceeded to chase me around my own house with it as a prank. When he realized I was bawling and at the true point of desperation for him to stop, he did. But I guess it is fair to say he's the one who brought this fear upon me.

Anyway, my fear is so extreme that I even feel disgusting saying the word. When I hear crickets, I freak out and immediantly try to dismiss myself from the place that I hear them from. When I see them, I sometimes even question my own sanity from my reactions. I cry, I scream, it triggers anxiety strongly, and I get the sensation they're crawling on me.

I can barely even type this without feeling absolutely disgusting.

I don't know what this phobia of crickets is called..

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