Deathly Afraid of Crickets

by Samantha
(Castaic, CA, USA)

I have been deathly afraid of crickets since I was 10. Before, I was able to hold them and everything. I don't even remember how I became this way, but i know it stops me from doing normal tasks at night, such as taking out the garbage.

I can't even open the door to let my pets at night. Just the sight and sound makes me cringe and scream. Sometimes I have nightmares about crickets swarming me and randomly see crickets on my wall or at school.

Even around people I am still afraid and even others question my sanity during a cricket event. I also sometimes feel as if they are on the ground about to jump on me.

I don't know what to do, and I am deathly afraid of these tiny creatures. When trying to find the name of this phobia, I can't find one.

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