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Hope This Helps!
by: Anonymous

I am sorry i do not know the name no one seems to have it anywhere but the same thing happens to me i get goose bumps and scream i see them in my dreams and I always feel them walking on me. I had my dad hold a cricket 20 feet from me and then got a few steps closer and every day i would go out and try to get closer until i can stand maybe 5 feet away and not be scared but i do not know if I will every be able to hold them again is the worst part is as a kid we breed crickets and i think that is how i got that fear because they would walk around because i had a reptile shop when i was a kid we had a family owned one.

by: heather

i am the same way with everything that you say. one thing that i do that helps is i leave the garage light on if i know i will need to take my dogs out before my husband gets home from work and that way the crickets dont come around. i literaly come close to getting hives if i am in the presents of one. i have even gone so far as to pee in a bottle because there was one in the bathroom and my husband was at work. i know ... nuts.the bigger the worse. i hate the sound of them hitting the floor when they jump. man, i have chill bumps now! i can kill ants, flies, bees, lady bugs, spiders and other bugs with out a problem. i dont know what it is called but it is horrable. i have always been this way. i would never go in the basement growing up. good luck with this phobia!! Ill try try to live through it with you!

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