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by: Aleena

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Totally understand
by: Anonymous

OMG THIS IS MY PROBLEM EXACTLY! You see I didn't always have this problem. When i was younger, I used to be a super religious christian and all. When i was about seven i was sitting in my room, and out of no where i got the gut wrenching feeling like, what if there is nothing? What if i just become dirt, thats the end. No friends. No memories. No thoughts. Just complete darkness. I would have little panic attacks and my hands would shake and i would start to cry. I finally confided in my mom and she's been great and really helpful. But she just doesn't understand because she has total faith in god and its so frustrating, because there is nothing i can do about it.

Shared fear of Necrophobia
by: Mat

Hi all,

I also suffer with Necrophobia, I have suffered with it for 4 years since I was 26, it started when I was hungover and due to feeling so low the fear of death washed over me and I had a massive panic attack.

My main fear is the same as everyone with the condition of there being nothing after death, this is an incomprehensible thought and due to having a consciousness it causes people with the phobia to have attacks.

What I am doing to overcome this is speaking to different people and finding out what there beliefs are.

I hope this may give you some small hope with this uncertain and terrifying phobia.


What happens next
by: Anonymous

The fear of death is acsociated with several things. It's a fear of:
-Pain without happiness in the end (going on with life, pain-free)
-The unknown of what will happen after death (heaven, hell, nothing?)
+With this one may be afraid of going to hell
+Or maybe someone if afraid of dying, and nothing happening. That this is the one life, and it's going by too quickly (the person who thinks this is typically the one 'missing out' on life; hasn't done anything truely exciting or anything.)

I have a fear of nothing happening after death.
I get over it by just not thinking about it, and when I see a movie or something, I just ignore the deaths (it's a movie, not true.)
As for movies based on true's the past, you can't help it now. Those people's souls have passed.

you are not alone
by: Anonymous

you're not alone have this fear of death , everybody have this fear or don't want to talk about . I too fear of death or death in the family to me is very scary . I want you to do is what make you comfortable and find your inner peace look on your believe on death. Or just use humor on death and make more death not all that seen to be . Trust me I have a fear of death just like you Ashley .

by: Anonymous

hey ashley. i know its a hard concept but i really do think that you stuggle with the unknown. as a christian i have all of my hope and faith in God, knowing that whatever is going to happen to me in 'then end' it will be in his hands. i would strongly suggest getting in tough with a pastor of a church, not to get him to 'analize you' or creep you out, but just someone that can answer your questions (much better then i can at least) and just to somehow let it out.. it may take a long time to warm up to the idea, but God will be with you no matter what situation you are going through.
Ill be praying for you. God Bless.

I know how it feels...
by: Gabriel

I am 15 and I had that fear since I was 6(I think) But everytime someone is talking about death, life, future, ect. My heart beats fast and I feel like crying...

Usually it happens at night or I'm about to take a shower for some reason. I felt the same thing about the church thing too. Things pop into my mind like, "What if there is no God and when we die all where going to see is a pitch black soundless room..." And I can't stop thinking like that!!(I just felt a hit when I type that by the way...sorry.)

I know I'm not the only one that has this phobia but around were I live I'm the only one that has that problem!

The thing that I hate is that sometimes it hits me when I'm in school which is the worst! And I accidentally Scream out, "Oh C**P!" or "Oh MAN!"

Sorry for leaving a long comment but I feel what you feel too...see ya later....

Me too! =o
by: Helena

I have necrophobia also. I think it's the worst phobia because it's pretty much incurable, since it's, like, the only certain thing in life--the end of it. I don't have panic attacks much recently, but it's affected me for as long as I can remember.
The largest panic attacks in my whole life were nearly identical, with me sobbing and screaming "I don't wanna die!!" to my mother, while she kept on trying to go to bed because she was tired. They happened at around 6 and 12 years old and probably lasted about an hour each, probably more; my memory's not too good.
Anyway, I know how you feel. =(
If you'd like to talk my email is
(Sorry about the complicatedness)

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