Dealing with Achluophobia, and Somniphobia

by MacKenzie

Hi! My name is MacKenzie Austin Swart. I am a boy. I am almost 13 years old. I deal with Achluophobia which makes me have lots of anxiety when I'm in the dark or shadow.

I truly also have Obcessive-Compulsive-Disorder, and Aspergers-Syndrome, very badly. But about my worst phobia: Achluophobia, is very hard to deal with.

When ever I would get in the dark especially without somebody I would get so anxious I would almost vibrate. It was terrible!

But there is one more phobia I am dealing with. It is: Somniphobia, which is where I am afraid to go to bed. There was one night where I truthfuly staid up the whole night. But I am getting help for my mental anxieties and disabilities. I am also getting more help a lot more.

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