by Julie
(West Deptford)

I am thirteen and am terrified of the dark i hate being alone but being alone in the dark is the worst. as punishment a couple of weeks ago my grandmother put me in a dark room because she knows how afraid i am of it. Then when i turned on a light after i started shaking from fear and panicking she came in and screamed at me. i dont see her or my dad anymore. and yesterday my stepfather was joking around and he didnt know that i was that afraid of the dark and he shut off the light and closed the door when i was in the finished basements laundry part cuz its a little room off of the basement. and i screamed bloody murder cuz i am that afraid. if i get put into a dark room i will start to panic then i will start to shake out of fear then i will start to cry and this will all get worse the longer that i am stuck in the dark. so i still sleep with a night light. and i am 13.

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