Darkness and Demons!

My name is Kat and I have the irrational fears of:
-the dark
-mirrors?(but only at night:/ )
I know these are really stupid but I've always hated scary films and always hated the dark. I'm 13 and it just feels like I'm not normal because I have these fears.

Recently I watched Paranormal Activity 2 with two of my friends at a sleepover because they would have thought me pathetic if I hadn't. I know it was a crap film but it scared the life out of me. But it's not just the film itself. I have an extremely overactive imagination and even just seeing trailers for scary films or seeing the pictures on the back of dvds sets my mind into an uncontrollable terror where I imagine all sorts of things happening that never happened in the film. I can't leave my room at night alone, I keep waking up in the night and every single creak of floorboards or noise that I hear makes my heart skip a beat.

Also since seeing the trailer for Paranormal Activity 3 I haven't been able to look at a mirror when it's dark even though I've never believed in the bloody mary myth. But the idea still terrifies me. I think it has something to do with being afraid of fear itself which is ridiculous and irrational but I can't help it. Thanks for reading all of my childish fears :(

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