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From the desk of Jan Heering
Wednesday, 10:43 a.m.Jan Heering

Dear Phobia Sufferer,

Whatever your phobia, regardless of how long you have suffered from it, despite the dreadful life limitations you have endured because of your fear, your phobia can be cured. And it can be cured quickly.

Even better, the cure will not require painful therapies, loads of money, gambling with your health, sacrifices of time or a long delay until treatment finally works.

Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert

Quite the contrary.

In as little as 10 minutes a day, you could be free of your phobia, the intense fear that has been crippling your life.

Then you can start moving on to living the life you should be living now. You can finally live your life freely, enjoying everyday tasks, conversations, interactions, and reaching new goals and enjoying new successes.

It’s time to life your life to the fullest.

And curing your phobia won’t hurt one bit.

You can perform the cure in the privacy of your own home.

My name is Jan Heering, and as the Founder and President of Amsterdam’s Morpheus Institute, as well as a Phobia Treatment Expert, Mental Coach, Psychological Trainer and Author, I assure you that you can quickly and successfully free yourself of this damaging disorder.

Thank Goodness, I Have Left My Fears

Going out for a movie was never my cup of tea. I used to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Why would I do this? That was a big question that was unresolved. I was claustrophobic and this prevented me from encountering suffocating milieus.

Thank goodness, I have left my fears of suffocation with the completion of the the Phobia Release Manual in matter of just two hours! Think it’s unbelievable? Think again! You can believe it.
Claudia Jinn, Philadelphia, U.S.A

Having conducted extensive research and testing of proven techniques in face-to-face sessions with phobia sufferers, I have now created the Cure Your Phobia Instantly Power Pack that enables you to live life free of your phobia...

  • Without Medication And Its Inevitable Side Effects

  • Without Experiencing Any More Excruciating Mental Or Physical Pain

  • Without Needing To Travel For Long, Expensive Sessions With A Therapist

  • Without Having To Confess Your Problem To Any Other Person

Amazing Effective Treatment System

I am a Financial Advisor by profession. Unfortunately my profession was eating up my peace of mind. I used to be anxious just about every other day. Meeting up with clients and taking care of their requirements was too much for me to handle. It’s true that I love my profession but somehow I couldn’t wedge the fear of criticism from others.

I was in two minds when I took to your Phobia Release course. But I never imagined the power of your treatment! It changed the course of my life in a matter of just 25 minutes. Now I can freely concentrate on my work and do well.

Fear of criticism has made an exit from my life, thanks to your amazing effective treatment system.
Jack Collins, Financial advisor, California, U.S.A

Become Ex-phobic, Like These People

My files contain hundreds of success stories – people like you who couldn’t participate in life the way they’d like to because of an overwhelming fear. Some of them tried many different treatments, without success.

Then they learned one or more of the techniques I’ve recently written in my Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program. They broke free of the prison they’d been living in because of their phobia.

Here are just a few of their stories. You’ll see how they were not only cured, but started living better lives.

Case #37. A 20-year-old woman suffered from fear of blushing. For several years, it was steadily getting worse. Conventional therapies did nothing to free her from this fear. She was on the verge of quitting her university studies, which would have sabotaged her plan to become a lawyer.

After learning and applying the Phobia Treatment techniques, her phobia vanished. She was able to continue her studies and graduated this year.

Case #73. A 30-year-old man had a spider phobia. Normally he was able to live with this fear by asking his wife to catch the spider in the case there was one in the house. But a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel to Africa on behalf of the company he worked for came up.

Thinking about big spiders in Africa terrified him to the point where he considering cancelling his trip and telling his boss to send someone else. Instead, just one Phobia Treatment technique eliminated his phobia completely.

During his trip to Africa, fellow travellers who knew about his fear caught a huge spider to frighten him. He smiled at them, picked up the spider with his bare hands and released it into nature.

Case #129. A woman in her mid-30’s suffered from a fear of commitment. Every time she had a relationship lasting more than a year, she would end it because of this fear. This happened four or five times consecutively.

Then she became pregnant while in a relationship that had lasted a year, so she wanted this relationship to last. A therapist didn’t help her deal with her fear, but three of the Phobia Treatment techniques did.

Her daughter is now 1½ years old, and she is still in a relationship with her child’s father.

… And these are just few examples of people I’ve helped.

I’ve helped people overcome HUNDREDS of other phobias, both common and unusual, including:

    Arachnophobia Emetophobia
    Acrophobia Erythrophobia
    Aerophobia Glossophobia
    Agoraphobia Hydrophobia
    Brontophobia Necrophobia
    Carcinophobia Needle Phobia
    Cat Phobia Nudophobia
    Caligynephobia Olfactophobia
    Claustrophobia Ornithophobia
    Clown Phobia Podophobia
    Dendrophobia Pupaphobia
    Dog Phobia Social Phobia
    Driving Phobia Thanatophobia
    Enochiophobia Trichophobia
    Erythrophobia Zoophobia

Notice that phobias affect not only the person with the fear but also in many instances, others who love them.

You see when you have a phobia it also hinders the lives of those around you as they try to enjoy certain activities or dialogues with you. When you can’t, sometimes they can’t either.

So keep in mind when you choose to help yourself, you are also choosing to help your loved ones, friends, and sometimes even co-workers.

Releasing yourself of your phobia not only betters your life, but the lives of others. It has an incredible unchaining effect on you and everyone around you.

Understand Your Treatment Options

Before I tell you more about what my Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program contains, let’s recap the other ways of dealing with your severe fear.

Medication: Have you been tempted to try medication? Its disadvantages include the expense, the possibility of side effects, the necessity to keep taking medication indefinitely and most of all, the likelihood that drugs won’t solve the problem. After all, medications can only suppress the symptoms, not treat the underlying disease.

The cost of phobia medication is more than $ 1000 a year!

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: This consists of exposing you to the very thing you are afraid of and de-conditioning you to the fear. For instance, if you have Spider Phobia, you get exposed gradually to spiders. If you have fear of heights, you go to the top of a tall building.

While this method claims success, it involves a great deal of mental pain. It also requires frequent therapy sessions over several weeks.

The cost of Cognitive Behavior Therapy is approximately $1225 for 15 sessions. Besides this vast amount of money other costs are necessary like hundreds of dollars for travel.

Talk Therapy: Traditional therapy, in which you sit or lie down and tell your problems to a therapist, takes months or years to bring relief, and the results are quite unpredictable.

Often you feel relief when you are talking about the phobia, but when you encounter the situation you are afraid of, it becomes clear that there is still no cure.

If you pay for this kind of treatment yourself, it can get rather expensive. The cost of Talk Therapy is $1500 or more for 20 sessions. Besides this vast amount of money other costs are necessary like hundreds of dollars for travel.

Doing Nothing: As you already know, long-lasting phobias don’t usually disappear on their own.

This means that failing to take action condemns you to the same anxiety, worry and occasional outright panic that you experience today, along with the constricted habits you’ve created in order to avoid the situations you most fear.

It will cost you thousands of dollars when you don’t stop your phobia and fear. Yes, you can survive doing nothing, but there is no need to do so.

When you do nothing, you still live your life hindered.

But when you decide to cure yourself of your phobia, you literally break free and live a much higher quality of life.

You will enjoy a freedom you’ve never felt before, a happiness that only comes from freedom, and you’ll be able to experience things in life you’ve been too afraid to do before. Your phobia-free life is just around the corner.

Cure Your Phobia Instantly

According to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the root of a phobia is an erroneous assemblage of your mental codes.

NLP is a set of methods that have been refined and tested over several decades with hundreds of thousands of patients in many countries.

NLP uses the power of the imagination to reprogram your fear reactions quickly, painlessly and long-lastingly.

My Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program uses well-established NLP techniques that have been proven to work fast and permanently.

You cure yourself by going into your unconscious mind and rearranging those mental codes.

In many cases, you can simply choose one of the clearly described exercises, try it out and experience a cure.

In some cases, you’ll need to try a few of the techniques until you find one that works for you, or you’ll need to repeat the exercises a few times for reinforcement.

Unlike medication and Talk Therapy, NLP techniques attack and disable the phobia at its source, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Unlike Cognitive Behavior Therapy, NLP techniques do not hurt, neither physically nor mentally. And NLP techniques have no side effects.

What you get is the freedom to do things you have not been able to do for years.

No pain, no anguish, no huge expense. No drugs. Just you, some effective techniques, and your freedom.

Read MORE Success Stories From Real People Who’ve Overcome Their Biggest Fears Using This Program…

My program has worked for thousands of people just like you. However, I don't expect you to believe me until you see even more proof.

Don't just take my word for it - check out these real-life examples:

No More Fears

Your Phobia Release Program is a remarkable find. What I have achieved in these days is thousand times more than what I have gained with the ongoing appointments with psychologists. There are no more fears whatsoever. I feel a lot more confident and in total control of my life like never before.

My life has changed completely, thanks Jan.
Sam Luke, New Jersey, U.S.A

Highly Recommended

I had a simple fear of talking on the phone with friends, family, and strangers. It was an unseen fear that I knew I had to conquer before it got out of hand. So I researched the Internet and your Phobia Treatment Program came up. I decided to try it. It gave me helpful advise to help me overcome my fear. Thank you!
Tara D., Edmonton, Canada

Thank Goodness, I Have Left My Fears

Going out for a movie was never my cup of tea. I used to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevators. Why would I do this? That was a big question that was unresolved. I was claustrophobic and this prevented me from encountering suffocating milieus. Thank goodness, I have left my fears of suffocation with the completion of the Phobia Program and I did it all in just a matter of two hours! Think it’s unbelievable? Trust me, it’s not. You can believe it
Claudia Jinn, Philadelphia, U.S.A

Wish I'd Found It 14 Years Ago

Spiders, cockroaches and bugs are just what used to bug me the most. They not only breed in my toilet and cooking area but also in my dreams. It just goes to show how bad I was allergic to these creepy-crawly ones. Fearing them would be the right word to describe my mixed feelings. Jan's Phobia Treatment Program revolutionized my thoughts and wiped away my fears once and for all.

I wish I'd found it 14 years ago, but better late than never!
Rachel Brown, High School Teacher, San Francisco, U.S.A

How I Found the Phobia Cure...

I feel it only fair to share the short version of how I found this cure. Part of this is a bit painful for me to share but I think you have a right to know.

Long story short, my life wasn’t always as great as it is now. I used to work in a managerial position for a plastics factory that was gruelling in hours and quite a physical toll. In addition to that, I started helping my (now) ex-wife open and run a health club.

That not only meant paying a huge amount of money to obtain the health club, but extra hours on me to manage the club while already working overtime at my other job. Then it turns out we paid way too much money for the club and we were losing money fast.

Every day I woke up depressed, exhausted, and thinking “today we will be bankrupt.”

Then one day I realized that in order to change my life I had to first change myself. So I immediately went to work on doing just that. From Reiki, to obtaining a mental coach, to reading as many self-help books as I could, I started bettering myself.

During that time we were able to sell the health club and things were starting to look up. But then came an even bigger and more devastating situation. After all of that, my wife left me for someone else.

I was completely devastated, even more depressed than before, and didn’t see how things could ever get better. I didn’t even want to get out bed.

Thankfully a friend interjected and I was introduced to NLP and my life has never been the same. It has only been better and better. The incredibleness of this system is indescribable. And I am living proof of that.

After a sabbatical and more self improvements (including fire walking), I started to share the system with my team at the plastics plant. I then realized I should share it with everyone who wants it.

I opened the Morpheus Institute and started taking patients there. But a realization of limitation hit me again. I was actually turning patients away because there were too many. That is something I didn’t want to do.

So I decided I needed to expand even more by creating the self-help version that anyone can access through a simple click of the mouse. Being from the Netherlands and Dutch being my first language, I improved my English and created a website for English speaking sufferers.

That way I could not only meet my goal of helping as many Phobia Sufferers as possible, but more and more people world-wide would have access to this successful system.

It wasn’t easy though. I spent many years tweaking and testing the program in order to make it effective when used in a self-help manner. The creation of these manuals I have were literally years in the making.

During this time I also got remarried to a wonderful woman that I wouldn’t trade for the world. We also have three lovely children and are able to live comfortably and spend irreplaceable quality time together.

Life has never been better – and again – it just keeps getting better.

What the Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program Includes

The Cure Your Phobia Instantly Manual

The curative methods that are described in The Cure Your Phobia Instantly Manual are psychologically proven and are vouched for by many phobic patients, who no longer “feel the fear.”

Each technique is something that you can perform on your own. Each technique is easy, described in plain, simple English and requires no more than a couple of minutes to do.

In all, the manual contains 9 powerful techniques.
You also receive some background information about Neuro-Linguistic Programming and references for further reading on NLP if you are interested in learning more.

Why do we include 9 techniques if just one is usually enough to liberate you from your phobia permanently? Because we want you to have more options than you need.

Not everyone responds the same. We want you to be able to find the technique that best works for you as an individual, not as a group member. Review the exercises and pick the one you feel most comfortable with to start.

Having 9 techniques also provides you with numerous options in case a new fear starts. You can take care of this immediately with any one of the exercises in the manual. Again, you’ll be able to pick the one(s) best suited for your individual needs.

At last, the freedom you have craved becomes possible – without pain, at minimal cost, with privacy and without delay.

The Cure Your Phobia Instantly Audio Program

Yes, the Cure Your Phobia Instantly Audio Program will help you learn how to cure your phobia with ease!

Now, you can read the manual and also listen to the audio files as much as you wish, all at your convenience..

Some people learn better by reading and some people learn better by listening.

But ALL people learn best by using multiple senses to absorb content.

So to maximize your ability to consume, absorb and profit from the power packed information contained in the Cure Your Phobia Instantly Manual Audio Program, I've taken the time to professionally record my entire system in audio format, just for you.

This audio version makes the perfect companion to the Cure Your Phobia Instantly Manual. And best of all... I've produced this audio training program in MP3 format, so you can easily upload it.You can listen to it on your iPod or other MP3 device, burn it to a CD, or just listen to it right on your computer. The choice is yours!

The best part is that you can do it all by yourself, also in your private room and not to mention you can do this when the time is most fitting for you. No schedule.

Your performance level will improve, as you will find it easier to follow the instructions, thanks to the audio availability. Now, all of the NLP session is with you. It’s like having the help of a NLP practitioner right there by your side every time you listen.

Moreover, you will notice that practising the techniques whilst listening to it gives a boost to your concentration level. With all of these advantages, you can easily conquer and take charge of all of your fears forever. They’ll never to be able to overtake you again.

You'll Get 10 Times Your Money's Worth

The Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program gives you a step-by-step formula for curing your phobia. It's different than anything else on phobia treatment you've seen.

This program was devised with 4 years of endeavour and sum of $16,367.53. I have worked virtually day and night to research and test effective phobia treatment methods.

Through much trial and error, I have weeded out what doesn’t work and harvested only what has been proven again and again to work effectively and quickly.

I have crammed every effective technique in this program. It is a successful unique phobia treatment that is incomparable to any of the other available treatment in the world.

Let's do a quick comparison - last time I checked a therapist, phobia treatment sessions with a therapist would set you back $1000 – $1225. And keep in mind that the success rates of those therapists are very low. Besides this vast amount of money, other costs are necessary like hundreds of dollars for travel.

A series of hypnotherapy sessions cost more than S2500.

The cost of phobia medication is more than $1000 a year!

Frankly, none of these options really seemed fair to me. So I figured out a way to provide you with a real bargain….

Now because of the introduction of my brand new Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program I'm not going to charge you anywhere near the amount you'd pay for a therapist or the cost of 1 year of medication.

In fact, your total investment for the entire Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program is just $99.90 $67 Special Offer

Given its potential to cure your phobia, I'm sure you'd agree $149.... or even $199 would be reasonable for a program like this.

But I want to make sure my Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program is accessible to people - all people – just like you!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

With the Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program you get a 100% money-back guarantee, without question. It’s true. Once you’ve gone through the program, f you feel you did not benefit from it, all you have to do is send to me for a full, 100% refund. No questions asked.

It is hard to believe such guarantees but as I am so confident about my amazing program, I allow everyone to avail it.

In case you are not completely satisfied with the program even after 60 days of downloading it, just send an email and I will cheerfully refund your money. You can even keep the program with you.

Be Phobia Free

Rest assure there are numerous success stories of people in my files. They were experiencing the same kind of life like as you, disturbed by unreasonable fear.

Some went for different treatments without any encouraging results. Then they switched to my Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program and adopted its powerful techniques only to achieve a life free from the shackles of phobia.

The same could happen to your life with this amazing Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program. Your phobia will be disappeared forever, fast and easy.

Imagine a life...

  • Without fear
  • Without blocks
  • Without hindrances
  • Without weakness
  • Without low self-esteem

Imagine a life...

  • With confidence
  • With abilities
  • With happiness
  • With true inner strength
  • With unbeatable, solid self-esteem

Most of all, imagine a life...

  • With freedom!

Therefore, you have nothing to lose, try out my Remarkable Program and be Phobia Free or get the Refund.

Buy Before, and the Following Exciting Bonuses are Also Yours
Bonus 1 Instant Motivation Techniques (value $29)

This manual will show you how to train your brain the right way for instant and long-term motivation. It will also teach you why you put things off so you can stop putting things off.

Once you understand the why, you’ll be able to immediately combat your procrastination and turn your inactions into actions.

Bonus 2 Stress Release Instantly (value $29)

Fact: Stress is actually a matter of perception. Just like there is bad stress, there is also good stress.

Through the effective use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you will not only be able to identify the difference types of stress, but you’ll learn how to deal with these stresses.

Learn how to bust through the bad and thrive from the good. This powerful manual offers effective techniques to help you control your stress level – instantly!

Bonus 3 Eliminate Negative Self Talk Instantly (value $29)

Did you know you could possibly have up to 25,000 negative thoughts every day? Is that not a sobering possibility?

What if you were able to turn those negative self-talk thoughts in your head into positive self-talk thoughts to help boost your confidence?

You should know that when you “beat yourself up” about an issue, that is your way of trying to help yourself remedy the situation. It’s just not the proper, effective way to do it.

We’ll show you how to go about it successfully in this amazing, eye-opening manual.

Start Curing Your Phobia In The Next 5 Minutes...

So don't wait! Claim your copy of the Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program and get rid of your phobia!

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It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Remember, there's absolutely no risk.

In case you are not completely satisfied with the program even after 60 days of downloading it, just send an email and I will cheerfully refund your money; you can keep back the program with you.

What are you waiting for? Sign up right now -- and claim your Three Exiting Bonuses (valued at $87 but yours FREE!) before it's too late.

Here’s to your new life, phobia-free!

Jan Heering
Master Coach
Founder and President of Morpheus Institute

P.S. To claim the Three Exiting Bonuses valued at $87 (yours FREE!) , be sure to claim your copy of the Cure Your Phobia Instantly Program before

P.P.S. Remember that special guarantee... the only thing you have to lose is your phobia. If you don't feel completely satisfied, for whatever reason, just let me know within 56 days and I will happily refund every penny! And you get to keep everything! That's a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide!

P.P.P.S. Finally... I guess you could be thinking.. 'What if I can't do it?' If you are.. I urge you to reconsider... 'What if you can?' ....and more importantly, 'What if you can.. but you never give yourself the chance to find out!!!' I know these techniques work, and all I ask is that you give them a try. That's all it takes! Don't take my word for it... Prove it works for yourself!! Your iron clad guarantee is your safety net, but I know you're not gonna need it!

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It Might As Well Be Your Story
I am Careen Mill, a waitress by profession and a recluse by nature. My life was in such an upheaval when my boyfriend ditched me. I was broken emotionally and financially then. I had to survive and live on. But I had already developed the fear of relationships. I wasn’t really finding any way out to fit into a decent relationship.

When all doors were closed, I took to your phobia treatment program. Initially, I was skeptical and pessimistic about the outcome. But once I began the self-help treatment, I never looked back.

I am happy and have moved on with my life. The course was truly a blessing in disguise.
Careen Mill, a recluse, Smithfield, Dublin

No More Fears

Your Phobia Program is a remarkable find. What I have achieved in these days is thousand times more than what I have gained with the ongoing appointments with psychologists.

There are no more fears whatsoever. I feel a lot more confident and in total control of my life like never before. My life has changed completely, thanks Jan.
Sam Luke, New Jersey, U.S.A

The Course That Swallowed My Fears

Hi, I am Linda who has always been gutsy by nature. But could you believe it that I feared from heights right from my childhood. You could have never found me indulging in flights. Anything that had to do with heights was a definite no from me. But things have changed and for the better.

The Phobia Treatment Program was just what I needed. Thanks to all of you who have fabricated the course that swallowed my fears whatsoever.
Linda Sobers, Dallas, U.S.A

I Have Won My Fight Over Hydrophobia.

I don’t know how to swim and I have qualms about it. What stopped me was my involuntary fear of water. It was a genuine problem I knew for sure. It’s strange how fears can be captured.

With your phobia treatment techniques, my fears have drowned as I have won my fight over hydrophobia.
Josh Kern, athlete, London, U.K.

My Dentist Phobia Is Gone!

My tooth’s aching but I will not go to the dentist. My gums are bleeding but that won’t force me to go to the dentist. Now that had to be a problem, a phobia problem.

I still don’t believe that I have eventually made it to the dentist, courtesy the NLP phobia treatment program.
Mac Darren, Washington D.C, U.S.A

Two Thumbs WAY UP!

Hi, myself Ran. My problem was that I was more than fretful about my future and everything that revolves around it. Worrying about the future was like an everyday affair.

It’s good to be a careerist and ambitious but not at the cost of ruining your present. But I couldn’t even predict that I could have ever come out of this rut and maze of future thinking.

Two thumbs WAY UP on your phobia treatment program!
Ran Cane, Texas, U.S.A

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