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Crowd phobia – the fear of being lost in a gathering is quite a common phenomenon. As life is not always a solo performance, it is necessary that you set yourself right among several people.

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Psychologists have the opinion that a child needs encouragement to get rid of crowd phobia. An imposed state cannot really solve problems. It can at length intensify the problems.

Help your child become a social being
Take the child to park and public places. If you want the child to participate in social gatherings then describe the people he/she would be meeting to make the matter more interesting.

This will definitely make the child inquisitive about the people coming to attend the party and he/she may want to go.

For participating in a social function, the child needs to break the shell, acquire some confidence and encouragement from friends, teachers and parents to solve the matter.

Crowd phobia also known as Demophobia, Enochiophobia or most commonly the fear of crowd makes a person anxious at the thought of getting lost in a crowd. Like other phobic conditions, crowd phobia is caused by an unconscious state of mind by way of a protective mechanism.

How can you help yourself get rid of the condition?
Perseverance is the key word which helps combat all phobic conditions and fear of crowd is no exception. You should develop the skill to train your unconscious mind by attaching several optimistic feelings to particular stimuli triggering phobic sensations.

How to treat crowd phobia
NLP or Neuro Linguistic Program is the beset treatment option for fear of crowd. NLP deals with your subconscious mind thus reconstructing your thought pattern.

In this way, the particular phobic condition is remarkably reduced and even completely eradicated at times.

Energy psychology is the most rapid, safe, effective and long lasting treatment procedure capable of treating fear of crowd from the root.

Quite interestingly, Energy Psychology is based on a specific theory and it shares a close resemblance with acupuncture. Energy psychology is a system of emotional acupuncture where the victim is treated without needles.

These various treatment options of crowd phobia brings about three essential changes in life

  • You can change your manners and conduct quite easily and quickly

  • There is a hasty significant change in your thought pattern

  • You progressively start creating constructive skills and techniques for your betterment in the future

Isolation does not only mean physically keeping yourself aloof from others. You can conveniently stay detached even when you are, in a social gathering.

Your ability to maintain your individuality is in fact the best way to combat crowd phobia.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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