Crazy Phobias

by Jessica
(McLeansville, NC, US)

hey my name is Jessica, I'm 16 yrs old. Ever since I can remember I've had the fear of escalators, stairs, heights, fire, downing, being burnt.

But the fear that I have most is something or someone being on the edge of something such as tables, beds, cliffs, counters, etc.

Today I went to the zoo with my friends and boyfriend, and we walked across this bridge and I had to moved toward the middle cuz I was having a panic attack.

Whenever my grandparents set the table for dinner especially, they have the plates and cups on the edge of the counter and table and I start freakin out cuz they have it on the edge and I have to move it. I have too many phobias. But I wanna know more about my phobias.

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