Coyote Phobia

by Ragen
(Lancaster CA.)

I have never had any threatening situations where an angry coyote was attacking! But for some unknown reason a sudden (extreme) coyote phobia has taken over me. It's so bad I'm afraid to go outside to get something from the car if it's dark out. I'm paranoid to be outside even in my own yard at night. One time I was having trouble falling asleep because I heard coyotes outside my window playing(sounded like they were laughing). When I encounter a coyote during the daytime I am not afraid. If I encounter them at night when I'm with other people I am only slightly afraid. The coyote phobia is only real bad when I am alone. Sometimes when I'm in my house alone I wonder if they can get inside. I also wonder if the coyotes know I have a phobia of them.

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