by lee

well when i was just 5 i went to greece with my mother and father we went to a circus for the first time.

i loved it until the clowns came on i thought it was jus that i got over exited and carried on watching the show i told my mother that i didnt like them and didnt want to carry on watching she wouldnt listen to me and told me to stop being silly i cried for about 15 minuets.

then the clowns came out and asked for a volunteer i sat back and really hated the fact they were looking straight towards me my mother nudged me as if i had been asked to do somthing i looked forwards towards the clown and he was waving me over my mother promised to come over with me so i went holding my breath.

i then stood in the middle of the arena and i had a feeling something bad was going to happen as i looked towards my mother she was being asked to go sit down i then looked behind me as music started to play and about ten clowns came out on bicycles.

so i panicked and started to run towards my mother and farther i was then lifted and sat on the knee of the clown as he chuckled down my ear i screamed and cried the clown put me down and asked my mother to come and collect me.

we went home after my mother and father got refreshments.

for about three months i coludnt sleep and felt sick all the time because they were on my mind. i went to see a child physiologist and he showed me pictures i coludnt even look i had to go out of the room i hated the fact they were in the same room.

he then told my mother it was a phobia of clowns also known as coulrophobia and still 15 years later im the same ...... thanks for reading

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