Do You Suffer From Coulrophobia?

Coulrophobia or fear of clowns is quite an interesting subject. What makes you suffer from fear of clowns is quite confusing, as in most cases clowns are meant for amusement and entertainment.

Therefore, their role in creating a condition of apprehension is quite an unusual phenomenon.

Jan Heering

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You may become a victim of coulrophobia because you are afraid of the heavy make-ups and the disguised identity of the person.

In several fictions and thrillers, filmmakers have successfully made use of this concept where the antagonist is shown to be dressed like a clown and committing crimes in concealing outfits.

People who go to watch such movies can readily develop coulrophobia or fear of clowns.

Some of the popular movies where clowns were featured as serial killers are ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘Friday the 13th’, ‘Halloween’, ‘Scream’ and ‘Saw’.

In fact, the weird appearance of the clowns, swollen red noses and unnatural hair colors makes these persons look so mysterious and treacherous.

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Adults who are victims of coulrophobia know what they fear is completely irrational and illogical, but they can’t escape the circumstance.

And if you are one among them then there is all possible chance that you may experience extreme anxiety or panic attacks when you see a clown on stage or on the screen.

Some usual symptoms of coulrophobia

  • You are not in a position to make use of your rational sense

  • Your voice becomes choked and you cannot speak

  • You feel as if you are soon to die

  • You cannot breathe properly

  • You tend to perspire a lot

  • You feel sick and your limbs start shaking

  • You suffer from nausea and queasiness

  • You tend to lose your mental stability and start behaving like an insane

  • You suffer from lightheadedness and faintness

  • Your mouth becomes dry and your heart starts palpitating faster

  • You move far from reality and experience a full-blown anxiety attack

Fear of clowns is somewhat a recent concept and those who suffer from this condition are referred to as coulrophobes. Keeping aside the traditional concept of clowns as entertainers, nowadays you come to hear of evil clowns or clowns as serial killers in movies and fiction stories.

Have you heard of John Gacy and Batman Villain? John Gacy was a serial killer dressed like a clown who used to entertain children in neighborhood parties. Batman Villain however, is technically referred to as the first modern evil clown.

Unnatural get ups and heavy make ups are enough to scare children and this is the reason the small ones are afraid of clowns and some even fear Santa Clauses too.

Children who are victims of coulrophobia intensely abhor and mistrust the painted face of a joker with false and pretentious facial expressions.

How to treat coulrophobia
The most trusted and effective way of treating coulrophobia is to follow self-help NLP techniques and mark the change in behavior.

With the help of NLP self-help procedures , you re-create your reality and change the way you think. In short, you transform your mental “constructs”. Once you are able to do so, you can easily change from a coulrophobic to a rational human being.

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