How To Conquer Phobia?

Find out how to conquer phobia
Are you being plagued by an irrational fear of something that is perfectly normal to others? Is this fear disrupting your normal life?

Well its time you gave some serious thought for curing your phobia. And believe me, its not just possible but amazingly simple to cure your phobia!

Before we start detailing on how to cure your phobia, grab this chance to assess your problem fully. It is important to understand what exactly a phobia is, how it may have been caused and what the symptoms are.

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Once you have analyzed your problem, you can pin point the exact nature of your phobia and work towards it.

Clinically, a phobia is defined as an irrational fear of a situation or an object that interferes with the normal life of an individual.

Phobias are more common in women but also affect men of all age groups.

Psychologists classify phobias into three major forms namely, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia and Specific Phobias. Let us look into each of these categories in some detail.

Social Phobia:A social phobia generally constitutes a fear of facing some specific social situations. The most common form of social phobia is the fear of performing or speaking in a gathering.

Other examples include fear of eating in company, facing authority persons, or feeling uncomfortable even in the presence of known people.

Victims of social phobia are afraid of being made a fool of or being demeaned by others. They nurture low self esteem and lack of confidence. In extreme cases, victims become totally isolated and face severe anxiety in everyday interactions.

Agoraphobia:Agoraphobia victims feel unsafe when out of their homes or a small safe zone. They feel panic stricken, trapped and anxious when out of their havens. In most cases victims become confined to their homes.

Specific Phobias:Specific phobias arise from the fear of particular entities like dogs, spiders, enclosed spaces, flying, elevators and so on. Most victims go to any extent for avoiding the object of their phobia and are overcome by unrealistic panic even at the thought of the stimulant.

Phobias may be caused by chemical imbalance in brain, hereditary genetic factors or traumatizing life experiences. Apart from intense anxiety and a general crippling effect, phobias have common physical symptoms. Nausea, poor motor and bladder control, trembling, sweating and high palpitation are common.

Phobia attacks are also accompanied with depression due to a destabilization of normal life style. Some victims even resort to alcohol or drug abuse to overcome their anxiety.

Individuals suffering from phobia of one kind or the other often realize that their behaviour is irrational. Nevertheless, they can do very little to conquer phobia and confusion that sways their lives.

Contrary to popular belief, talking again and again about your phobia does more harm than good. It simply makes you relive the situation and strengthens your panic reaction towards it.

You will be surprised to find that certain simple techniques and self help practices can prove better than drugs. Just try our self help books or sign up for the RSS feed to know more.

Phobias can be cured from many different and simple approaches. So, no need to feel shattered by your helplessness. You can cure your phobia in a matter of days, if not hours!

Conquer Phobia
Treatment methods that are successful in treating phobia are NLP and Energy Therapy

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