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Conquer fear in the best possible way, by setting yourself free from the shackles of anxiety. Fear or phobia is one of the most common disorders to be found among the human species. It is a sort of strange irrational nervous feeling of something scary and dreadful.

To conquer fear, although, may sound to be an impossible occurrence to its victims, yet it is not an unachievable phenomenon.

It has been often discovered that these peculiar fears or phobias generally root from certain incidents that might have taken place during childhood, or even later on in the life of an individual. However, they cause a heavy toll on the life of these innocent victims.

Jan Heering

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The patients of the myriads of such phobias are found to be lacking in the very essence of livelihood. They are as if under a constant pressure of something uncomfortable.

Different Kinds Of Fear Or Phobia
There are a plethora of these phobias that have become popular with most of the individuals. The list includes, fear of driving, flying, the tube, trains and buses; fear of dentists, hospitals, operations and needles; fear of public speaking, open spaces, enclosed spaces, being alone, crowds and the dark, death; heights; meeting people; fear of various animals, such as, dogs, snakes, spiders, wasps, bees, lizards etc.

How To Conquer Fear
Conquering fear often leads to a number of unwanted situations in life. True that you might recognize your fear as something purely irrational or baseless, yet, you just cannot overcome it so easily. There is actually perhaps no particular reason for these peculiar phobias to occur.

But they do create havoc in the lives of the victims, by causing them unnecessary anxieties, heart disorders, palpitations and a row of various other disturbing symptoms.

Considering all these, it becomes extremely important to conquer fear, so as to lead a healthy and stress-free life, free from mental obligations.

Though there are plenty of anti-depressants and tranquilizers available in the market to avoid such convulsions, yet they cannot be relied upon in the long run for the complete cure of the disease.

They might give you a temporary relief, but to conquer fear, a much systematic treatment is required.

A number of ineffectual treatments to conquer fear are
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
While CBT claims success, it involves a great deal of mental pain. It also requires frequent therapy sessions over several weeks.

Talk Therapy
Often you feel relief when you are talking about the phobia, but when you encounter the situation you are afraid of, it becomes clear that there is still no cure. If you pay for this kind of treatment yourself, it can get rather expensive.

Its disadvantages include the expense, the possibility of side effects, the necessity to keep taking medication indefinitely and most of all, the likelihood that drugs won’t solve the problem. After all, medications can only suppress the symptoms, not treat the underlying disease.

Self Help To Push Away Your Fears and Phobias
Self help NLP enables the victim to conquer fear more easily and efficiently, by releasing their fears and restoring their freedom of life to the fullest.

Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) is basically “the language of the mind” which allows you to alter your negative thoughts and behaviors through proven, effective, permanent techniques.

We know from NLP that the root of a phobia is an erroneous assemblage of your mental codes. NLP is a set of methods that have been refined and tested over several decades with hundreds of thousands of patients in many countries – and it’s been effective time and time again.

The basis of the method is pretty simple. NLP uses the power of imagination to reprogram your fear reactions through quick, painless, and long-lasting techniques. That is how NLP differs from other methods. NLP attacks the problem at the source and takes care of it for good.

My Phobia Release Program teaches these well-established NLP techniques that are proven and effective. Medication, talk-therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy only treat the symptoms. NLP cures the problem. There is a huge difference.

You actually cure yourself by going into your unconscious mind and rearranging these mental codes. And you can do all of this:

    Without therapy

    Without drugs

    Without physical pain

    Without mental anguish

    Without side effects

    In the privacy of your own home

No More Fears

Your Phobia Release Program is a remarkable find. What I have achieved in these days is thousand times more than what I have gained with the ongoing appointments with psychologists. There are no more fears whatsoever. I feel a lot more confident and in total control of my life like never before.

My life has changed completely, thanks Jan.
Sam Luke, New Jersey, U.S.A

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Whatever your phobia, regardless of how long you have suffered from it, despite the dreadful life limitations you have endured because of your fear, your phobia can be cured.
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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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