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Commitment phobia is a kind of fear which keeps you from making commitments and promises in life.

When you have this phobia you don't feel like giving words to others.

You always feel that you don't have the capability to show sincerity and dedication in particular matters.

When you have commitment phobia you don't want to enter into relationships and you always try to find faults in others.

In this way you often bring relationships to end without achieving anything from anywhere.

A commitment phobic can be of two types – one who would never indulge in a relationship and always keep himself/herself at a safe distance and the other who will enter into a relationship but will never take it seriously.

The reason for having commitment phobia
A condition of this type of phobia can have several causes. You can become commitment phobic if you see your parents getting separated and quarreling with each other over trifling reasons. When you see this you feel as if life and relationships should have no commitments.

You may see or hear of someone committing suicide or losing mental balance due to failure in relationships and thereby you develop a fear of commitment.

You are working under the same designation year after year only because you lack commitment in your job. This may be because of some traumatic experience of the past for which you are unable to dedicate yourself completely for the work you are doing.

In this way you keep on changing jobs because lack of commitment affects your reputation at your work place and it becomes difficult for you to continue your job.

Your character traits as a sufferer of commitment phobia

  • You will have the habit of making yourself unattractive so that a relationship may never turn out to be successful.

  • You have the impression that relationships will always end in divorce and detachment

  • You always have the tendency to criticize your partner and that too for no reason at all.

  • You have high expectations from your partners.

  • You hurt your partner and accuse himher for no reason.

  • You love to tie up with those who similarly suffer from commitment phobia.

  • You tend to be flirtatious and indulge in having several partners at the same time.

  • You keep on rejecting and coming back to the same relationship again and again.

  • You have the fear that you will lose your identity if you linger with one particular relationship for days, months and years.

  • You won't prefer to indulge a discussion on marriage.

  • You would find no interest in work, hobbies, timetables and even therapies.

How self help NLP techniques work in treating commitment phobia
If you are commitment phobic then this will surely help. Self help Neuro Linguistic Programming will help you to face reality in life, get rid of your fear and bring about a kind of transformation in your psychological set up.

Self help NLP enables you to learn to cure your fears. And thus you are no more an escapist. You can now accept life as it comes to you.

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