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Commit Phobia?

Commit phobia is a sort of reluctance in making a commitment or promise. This mainly happens due to lack of individuality or significant fault in personality.

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Fear of commitment may ultimately lead to failure in relationships and most unfortunately, this happens unintentionally.

Types of Commit Phobic
Commit phobia is essentially of two types. Some individuals are so afraid of making and keeping commitments that they are extremely reluctant to enter into relationships.

The individual of the second sort is generally shy and playful but when it comes to making commitments and keeping promises they just want to get rid of the relationship.

The big problem
Often victims of commit phobia are in search of someone who does not want to enter into long-term relationships. However, lack of seriousness and bindings from both sides establish a kind of relationship where one has nothing to expect from the other.

It is all about getting to know each other for fun and entertainment. However, the real problem starts when a person suffering from fear of commitment seriously wants to settle down in life with someone.

How does it all begin?
Commitment phobia significantly originates from a personal loss or trauma of some kind such as separation between the parents or general grief. The main and the principal cause of commit phobia is the fear or an experience of being rejected.

Once rejected and refused, the person does not want to be engaged for the second time. Sometimes the victim shows excuse of not being engaged into something only because he wants to wait impatiently for a golden opportunity.

What happens when a person suffers from commit phobia?
Victims of this phobia start the relationship with immense enthusiasm and highly impractical anticipations. However, during the course of the relationship, they start feeling suffocated and fail to bear the burden of the relationship.

They feel as if they are trapped and in no way do they want to enter into a long-term association. Finally, they look for opportunities to put an end to the relationship

What usually does a person do when he suffers from commit phobia?

  • The individual suffering from commit phobia affects other people’s lives to a large extent.

  • Such phobic individuals always try to present themselves unattractively to their potential partners so that the relationship won’t get started in the first place

  • The person won’t let his partner talk about marriage and related issues

  • They start criticizing several characteristics of partners or relationships

  • They deliberately try to hurt their partner and show valid reasons for the relationship to fail

Treating the problem of commit phobia with the help of NLP tools and techniques has proved successful. If you are a victim of commitment phobia and you want to save your self from this distressful situation, you can easily take the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

My NLP self-help program will assist you to overcome the condition through a set of positive suggestions.

The main aim of NLP is to reset your mind and help you to think optimistically about a particular subject matter.

In commit phobia the negative associations which you generally have inside your mind are replaced by positive ones and ultimately you are made to think altogether from a different perspective in life.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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