The Alarming College Statistics On Social Anxiety

A scrutiny of the college statistics on social anxiety disorders will make you understand how this epidemic is spreading at an alarming rate and targeting the youths.

If you are one of those college-goers or have had a chance of watching a present-day college attending youth from close quarters, it is most likely that you will see enough reasons behind this rise in college statistics on social anxiety.
You will be able to appreciate that the college years being the transition period when an adolescent prepares self for stepping into the world of responsible grown-ups, certain ‘expectations’ show up – the candidates’ own aspirations and the expectations of people surrounding the person.

As your experience will tell you, the development of social skills – performing with ease in social situations and interacting confidently with others (while continually exposed to public scrutiny) is an expectation area where people falter.

You will agree that most anxious people lack in self-confidence and give too much of importance to approval by others. These feelings give rise to a sense of insecurity, a fear of rejection and people start avoiding others or being present at social gatherings.

In some cases, the perplexity reaches such a state that a youth becomes fully incapacitated and starts getting fits of nervousness.

If you are the one experiencing social anxiety, the golden rule for handling social anxiety will be to adjust your attitude. Understand your limits and do not keep any unrealistic expectations.

Follow a disciplined life – prioritize your work and make proper utilization of time.

Make friends and participate in extracurricular activities.

You can try relaxation methods like deep breathing, meditations, etc. to overcome inner inhibitions and stress.

Remember, most of your classmates suffer from some kind of anxiety or shyness and nobody is just perfect! Work in groups and lower the figures in college statistics on social anxiety.

As parents or teachers, you can give your children healthy lives and change the figures in the college statistics on social anxiety for better.

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