Coccinellidaephobia. Phobia of Ladybugs.

by Braelyn
(United States of America)

Bonjour, I'm Braelyn. I have a horrid fear of coccinelles, or as you know it, ladybugs. Seemingly harmless creatures, painted in black and orange, are the perfect image of a friendly bug to most people. Not me.

Since I was little I've been terrified of ladybugs. I couldn't tell you why, maybe from the extreme infestation we had at our other house or just because of their appearance, I'm not sure. Whenever I see one my stomach churns with fear, nothing of excitement or anticipation.

Many people find it amusing. "Oh, you are serious?" Pause, uncomfortable shift. "Well, that's weird. I never knew. Why?" It is always the same reactions and I've grown used to it, but not one person has ever (rudely) teased me about it to a point I wanted to break down and cry of embarrassment. I've tried a few things to help get over it, none working.

I tried just standing outside where there were a ton and I tried to pick on up but I froze and panicked, unable to think - breathe - until I was back inside. Every time I see one now my arms itch and my back tingles, as if they are crawling all over me, invading.

That's my phobia, strange, I know. Au revoir.

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