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im scared 2
by: mariarulz123

im terrified of ladybugs 2! i used to love tem but withing the past 5 years ive become deathly afraid of them.

me too
by: Jessica

I've been afraid of lady bugs since my parents built on to their house. I was very young at the time. My brother and I had gotten off of the bus after school and saw big dark clouds around our home. When we went to investigate, we were immediately swarmed by ladybugs. Not just the fun, harmless black and red ones, but the oval shaped orange ones too. They bit and got into every crevasse. They swarmed on us because we were in the sun and the often like warm things (ie: my brother and I). You're not alone. It's not irrational and it's not silly.

They don't understand
by: Misunderstood

My friends make fun of me too they don't understand but when ever "they" get mentioned and I freak out they just don't realize that my fear is real its not stupid and other people have it and when they ask me why I am they just find it stupid cause I had a dream that huge ladybugs were just crawling around my room

me too
by: Anonymous

Same here. When I was five I was drinking out of a tap at school and one fell out the tap (must've crawled there, and it was Summer) into my mouth. I'm 23 in June, and still terrified of them. I announced to my friends yesterday I was scared of them, and while they did tease me only very slightly, then accepted it, one of my meaner friends sent a close up pic of one to my phone last night, I spent half an hour crying and didn't sleep well at all. He's apologised, but I don't want to talk to him at this moment in time. I've been in an awful mood since.

The same problem
by: JJ

I have the same problem as started when i was little and one of them bite me.since that i can't even see them and touching them it's impossible.I had really tough time at school when I was little and other kids knew about my weird phobia and they were always chasing me with one ladybug in their I have a daughter and I'm worry ones she will be big enough to realize that I have this problem and hope she will not be the same because some people always take the advantage to hurt u if they get chance and I don't want her to suffer as I am it's summer and they r everywhere.

A fear we share
by: Anonymous

I have this fear as well,
even fake Lady Bugs scare me, whether they are stickers or magnets, the Lady Bug freaks me out, I begin crying and I can not breathe.

by: Anonymous


It started when I was a kid. I was like maybe 4, and I had this 'nightmare'. A cat was wedged in my backyard door, and I was trying to free it, but at the same time a foot long ladybug was trying to come into my house as well. So yeah. Alors, my fear developed.

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