by Janeila

I have a big fear of being trapped in a tight area. Even thinking about being trapped freaks me out. Me and my dad share this.

And I am not embrace to say it because everyone has fears. To others mine may not be all that serious, but to me it's frightening. they are challenges for me.

I'm a small person, so people constantly ask me to go in between the corner to get something, because i'm the only one that can fit. Then when i say "no, i can't" they sometimes get mad.

When i was small i use to hide under my bed. But now that i'm bigger i don't even think about going under there. I can still fit, it's just an unpleasant feeling now. If something gets stuck under my bed, i find the thinnest and longest thing that could fit under there. But me i'm just not going under. I feel that i will be stuck forever, and won't be able to get out.

When i see other people in small area, my mind just freaks out, because i start to picture myself in that position.

Other challenge is having other fears like the fear of being buried alive. If i was to wake up and find myself stuck in a coffin, i might just commit suicide. Coffins are small and they just freak me out beign in one. Even if i'm dead i'll be freaking out.

I probably found out i was claustrophobic when my mom told me that my dad was. I asked her what it meant and when she did i found out that i had the same problem. Some people can get over their fears, but i think that i will forever be claustrophobic.

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