Claustrophobia and Ponds don't mix

by Erin

Hey, I'm 13 and I have a few quite serious phobias. The biggest is my claustrophobia. Basically I'm not only terrified of enclosed spaces, I have a basic panic attack and mainly work myself into such a state I sometimes faint. :L One time, we were at school, rooting through the teachers cupboard looking for our work. The teacher had left the classroom, probably for a smoke. I was the last in the cupboard, when I finally saw my work underneath a GIANT pile of papers and folders. I went further into the cupboard to retrieve my work. My friends and some boys decided it would be funny, my intense fear being well known, to lock me in the cupboard. You can kind of see where this is going. I heard the door close behind me and heard the lock click, followed by giggling. I started to panic but tried to stay calm because they wanted me to panic and cry. I went over to the door and laughed with them mockingly. I tried the handle but nothing happened. By this point I was really starting to panic. I banged on the door and shouted at them to let me out. They just kept laughing and shouting at me. I started to scream and kicked the door. Bursting into tears I cried and kicked and screamed. In my panic, I saw only one option: to break the door down. There was a brush, those big wooden ones that sweep floors and stuff. I grabbed this in a blind panic and banged it against the door, still screaming. It only left a tiny dent in the door. I looked around and noticed the small window at the end of the cupboard. I went over to this, still in a state of panic, not thinking it through, and using the brush.. I smashed the window. Now, I'm also terrified of heights and have had several embarrassing incidents with that but that's another story. I used the end of the brush to poke out the remaining shards of glass and climbed through the small gap onto the ledge. I'd also like to say that this was the 2nd floor, above the schools garden. There was a balcony beneath the ledge, a few metres down, where the fire exit stairs were. I decided I couldn't possibly jump it and climbed down, shaking. I was nearly completely down when the door flew open, knocking me back onto the window ledge. I lost my balance and fell down, past the balcony and into the deep pond below. Not very warm either, considering it was half way through February. I wasn't injured but extremely shaken and had to go to hospital where I took some medicine to calm me down. And a space blanket to warm me up. When I got back to school, I was a laughing stock and had received a detention for endangering others and damaging school property. While the ones that had locked me in, merely received a warning. So, that is the extent of my Claustrophobia, which caused me to fall out of a window. Hope you enjoyed it, because I didn't.

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