Are You At Risk Of Claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia is a kind of fear, which really makes you feel endangered and suffocated especially in a confined and closed area.

Jan Heering

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Have you ever felt your nerves aching when sitting inside a closed room with all doors and windows closed or have you ever felt that like dying when suddenly locked inside an elevator?

If you have really felt such then you are a sure victim of this type of phobia.

If you are a sure claustrophobic, you definitely have the chance of suffering from frequent panic attacks. A victim of this fear form finds it immensely difficult to breathe in places like auditoriums and theaters.

You usually become claustrophobic due to some unpleasant or traumatic incident of the past. May be you saw someone dying out of suffocation or you yourself was entrapped in some way or the other and not being able to escape the situation.

However, these are some of the probable reasons for the fear to take place.

Usual tendencies of a claustrophobic individual

  • You do not want to drive or enter into a car when the traffic seems to be extremely congested

  • You develop a tendency of standing just close to the door when attending a party or a social get together

  • You start panicking when the door of the room, which you have entered is suddenly closed behind

  • You prefer to travel up and down the stairs rather than entering into an elevator

Some of the common symptoms

  • You feel lightheaded

  • You tend to sweat a lot

  • You become apprehensive about actual harm or illness

  • Your heartbeat gets accelerated

  • You suffer from nausea and faintness

  • You tend to have hyperventilation and over breathing

  • You experience severe shakes

Several treatment options
Flooding This is a kind of treatment when the individual is exposed to the phobia-causing element until and unless he is able to get rid of the panic attacks. The basic drawback of such a form of treatment is that it takes time to show effects.

Medications When you have this type of phobia, your doctor may recommend you to take medicines like anti-depressants and tranquilizers. Even drugs like beta-blockers are often recommended to treat this particular fear form.

However, medicine is not a permanent cure of claustrophobia. It can only take care of the condition temporarily.

Counter Conditioning This is a sort of treatment form, which makes use of specific visualization and relaxation techniques. Though this treatment form often tends to cure the source of claustrophobia, it may not prove to be successful in all cases.

Cognitive behavior therapy In this case, the victim of claustrophobia is encouraged and taught how to face a specific situation in life and bring about a change specifically in those thought patterns, which usually makes you feel afraid and nervous. However, such a therapy may not prove to be effective all the time.

Hypnotherapy This is one of the ways of getting rid of claustrophobia. Here a hypnotherapist comes to rescue. He tries to bring about a change in your subconscious “programs” thereby trying to eliminate phobic conditions with the help of several therapies.

Such a treatment option is however quite controversial as the success of the treatment entirely depends upon the efficiency of the hypnotherapist.

How to cure claustrophobia with the help of self-help NLP technique
You may have come across the proverb that self-help is the best help. The same applies in case of self-help NLP techniques too. Here you gain confidence to face the reality and attempt to transform your mental “construct”.

Once you are able to do so, you are no more afraid of confined and enclosed spaces. Thus, incidents of claustrophobia can more worry and annoy you.

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