Childhood Fear

by Juliana

Ever since I was three, I have a great fear of Loud Noises especially Fireworks/Firecrackers and Karaoke Machine every year I always suffer myself by putting earplugs when are neighborhoods are having fun with the Karaoke Machine or Every New Year which they use loud Firecrackers which make me sleepless at night. I always think that I really wanna overcome this fear because this was one of the main reasons why often have an argument with my parents which they always see me depressed while wearing earplugs and tried not to cry. I wanted to be strong but I can't do it. Everyday this is what I always wish to myself so I always ask to myself "Am I going to be like this forever". This fear also lead me to nothing, which I stopped a year in school at my 8th Grade due to failing grades which came from my fear that It also affected my focus in main goals of my life. As for now I still struggle myself to overcome my fear and someday my childhood fear would dissapear in a simple cure.

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