Do You Suffer From Chemical Smell Phobia?

Chemical smell phobia is a condition of fear associated with strong and pungent smell.

Jan Heering

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Chemicals do not smell good and can cause irritation in certain cases. Some chemicals smell so horrible that they can make a person feel extremely choked.

Phobia Of Chemical Smell In Academic Sphere
A person suffering from chemical smell phobia cannot breathe properly in the presence of constant chemical odor. Thus, your condition becomes pathetic if you are working long hours in laboratories and cannot withstand the smell of chemicals.

Chemical Smell Phobia At Home
Why only laboratories, at home too you are greatly tortured by chemical smell phobia. Often we clean our bathrooms and kitchens with strong acids and phenyls. As soon as the cork is removed, the whole room gets filled with the odor.

It is very difficult to explain the nature of the smell but it is undoubtedly unpleasant and irksome.

The smell rapidly spreads throughout the room making you cough and clear your throat every time you breathe.

Phobia Of Chemical Smell At Work Places
It is very difficult for people having chemical smell phobia work in chemical and pharmaceutical factories. Their condition is indeed frightful. Neither can they complain nor can they give up their jobs.

Their suffering is boundless which unfortunately leads to several physiological and psychological abnormalities. It’s a constant worry for them to enter the factory.

Symptoms Of Phobia Of Chemical Smell
Chemical smell fear has several symptoms, which include shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea and a horrible feeling of dismay and anxiety.

Remember one thing, suffering from a phobic condition in your professional sphere can be devastating. Phobic condition affects you both mentally and physically thus deteriorating your performance and decreasing your overall output.

Therefore, you have to learn how to tame your phobic tendencies.

Application Of Neuro Linguistic Programming In Curing Chemical Smell Phobia
The first lesson, which NLP teaches you, is to think positive and be optimistic. Human mind has two corresponding traits of pessimistic and affirmative. When you become phobic, the negatives dominate you and force the positives to take a back sit.

However, the primary job of the NLP self-help program is to bring the negatives under control and heighten the positive aspects of your mind for both physiological and psychological betterment.

For instance, regarding chemical smell phobia the therapist will first try and make you believe that the smell of chemicals can make you feel uncomfortable but cannot restrict the normal flow of your life.

If you are working with chemicals, you have to withstand their smell and show no sign of absolute intolerance.

NLP tools will reprogram your mind and encourage you to think and behave from an altogether different perspective.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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