Significant Characteristic Symptoms Of A Phobia

Is it necessary to identify the characteristic symptoms of a phobia for a perfect and effective treatment of the condition?

Jan Heering

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Phobia is a kind of fear towards a specific situation, activity or object. Phobic conditions can make you act desperately and can even go to the extent of causing harmful panic attacks.

Therefore, to aloof yourself from this relentless state of fear, you should go for a quick detection of the characteristic symptoms of a phobia and then think of measures to cure both the cause and the circumstances.

Several characteristic symptoms of a phobia
There is an increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, a shaky and wobbly feeling and an extreme awesome desire to get rid of the situation. An act of despondency is often noticeable in a phobic individual.

You feel panicky and everything around you seems dreadful, horrifying and troublesome. Everything seems so problematic to you.

The reactions you have during a phobic occurrence are mostly automatic and unmanageable. The fear gradually confiscates both your thoughts and behaviors and thus there comes a point in your life when your existence is truly at stake

Often you behave abnormally and take to extreme measures to avoid the apprehensive object or situation. For example, if you have social phobia, you do not feel like taking part in social events. Moreover, you avoid meeting new people and feel shy to speak in groups.

Anticipatory anxiety is again one of the usual characteristic symptoms of a phobia

Often, the victim feels helpless. He/she knows that the condition of fear or phobia is unreasonable but cannot think of ways to get rid of the situation.

However, when characteristic symptoms of a phobia become more explicit they start interfering with your normal activities of life. As a result, you perform poorly at school, workplace or at home.

When you suffer from acute phobic conditions, there are high chances that you may feel depressed and frustrated and take resort in alcohol and drug.

In addition to these, abusive problems and obsessive disorders make situations so critical and problematic that treatment in most cases becomes impossible.

Characteristic Symptoms Of A Phobia

  • Muscular tension
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort
  • A tendency to blush and feel uncomfortable
  • Your hands become sweaty
  • There is severe pain in the head
  • You suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness
  • Often your voice shakes and there is trembling in your hands and feet
  • You have chills
  • You feel extremely tired and lightheaded
  • You often experience a pain or a pressure on the thorax
  • There is a tendency of occasional panic attacks
  • You feel like urinating
  • You experience long-term suffocation and breathing problems

Even when you are not familiar with the characteristic symptoms of a phobia, you can use NLP to eliminate the significant signs and symptoms of phobia.

With the help of good NLP Self Help program you will study your psychological status and implement behavioral changes for your future betterment in life. As long as you stay tuned to pessimism and the fear to face situations, nothing better can happen.

Remember that the chance of progression is only there when you are able to part yourself from unnecessary anxieties and apprehensions. NLP is a way to help you step out of darkness and face life with a confident smile.

NLP treatment for your phobia will be successful and the characteristic symptoms of a phobia will be gone forever.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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