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It's not funny.
by: Breanna.

For a while, since I was 13, I have been a carpophobic. Everyone thinks it's a joke, and grabs them all the time. It is terrible! What do I do????!!! They won't stop. :/

by: Molly

looking through all the comments I was so relieved I thought I was insane. I was looking through them curled up in a ball crying with an urge to throw up put at least I'm not alone. Nobody really thinks that this is a phobia but hey I know now :)

me too
by: mary

I cant believe my phobia is real...My sisters always terase me about it by showing me their wrists and is justtt!!! argg!! It makes me feel so aware of my own wrists and I just feel they are so delicate and my vain just stick out its disgusting!!! I hate when people rest heir heads on their hands and their wrist are that exposed its horrible!! and I hate taking my pulse especially when my doctor does it with her cold hands!!!

I'm carpophobic too
by: Anonymous

I'm in Secondary school now, and i only just discovered that my phobia has a name when I googled it today. For ages i couldn't look at my own anyone else's wrists without feeling queasy. The earliest memory of it was when a few children in my class used to sharpen pencils and hold them against their wrists to freak me out. I don't think anything triggered the phobia, because my elder brother and sister have it too. I think i'm slowly overcoming my phobia as instead of feeling the urge to vomit, I now only look away and adjust the position of my hands, or at the most I have to close my eyes and breathe for a moment.

Wrists... Yuck!
by: Kate

I dont know why i have this fear, I thought it was just me with this little habit of wanting to faint everytime me, or someone else touched their writsts. It's just gives me the creeps! I dont know why. My friends tease me about it. D;

My fear as well
by: Sweet

I'm 13 and I really don't know when my carpophobia started but it always freaked me out. I would cry sometimes because it freaked me out so much. I felt like if I stuck my tight wrist out someone would try to stab me or cut me in my wrist. And I had doing backbends and stuff now. At first I thought it was stupid and really unusual because there's not a lot of people that has it so I felt weird.... And it's good to know that I'm not alone

by: Anonymous

i have ths also im 12 and my friends make fun of me about it, what can u do about this phoba ? it there somthing to get rid of it or anything because i feel faint and sick just looking at them. Its realy nice to know some other people have this and im not a weirdo !

me too!
by: Anonymous

none of u are alone in this just reading some of the comments is making me feel sick and squirmy and really very awarer of my wrists i used to wear two wristbands to prevent me from seeing or accindently brushing them but they put pressure on my wrists constantly so that didnt work at all really ;( my family and my friends always try to make me scream by shoving their wrists in my face and it worked which never made me feel good i would almost always vomit afterwoulds im only 14 and would love to know of a cure for this?

Wrist and Ankels make me sick
by: chelsie

I have this phobia too. I can't stand the thought of touching my wrist, letting someone else touch them, nor can i even look at my wrist without feeling like i'm going to throw up or faint. I can't take my pulse either.

I also can't think about my ankles. Everytime i think about them, they start to hurt or i get the urge to move. When people try to rub my feet, they accidently touch my ankles and my heart starts racing with fear. I don't understand this and it won't get any better. I need help.

I live in constant fear!
by: Ashley Ivy

I can not look, think, touch, or show my wrists with out going bizurk and feeling like passing out. I'm having trouble even writing this! I'm twelve and I have a fear of almost every thing!!!

Me too!
by: Rocky

OMG until today I thought I was the only person in the world with this fear.

When I was very young our next door neighbor committed suicide by well, you know. My mother thinks that I may have witnessed it and blocked it from my memory, because since I've had an irrational fear of anything touching my wrists though I do not remember it. I don't even like to see other people touch theirs, or really even think about them at all.

Although I'm glad to discover I'm not the only one reading this thread made me very conscious of them, and it makes me nervous and squirmy.

by: Anonymous

oh my gosh i thought i was the only one untill 1 of my friends found out and i realized that about 2 other people in my year had it aswell! i googled it and found the name.
it is not only the sight and thought of wrists but people touching their own wrists! it makes me go all weak and want to trow up!
it has not got any better and i have had it for as long as i can remember!

dont think there is a cure but if any 1 knows then plz let me know!

same problem!
by: Anonymous

Man, I'm a carpophobiac too.
I can't stand people touching them, and I can't wear bracelets or watches for too long. Even writing about them is giving me the heebie geebies.
Glad to know I'm not the only one.

When driving
by: Anonymous

tell her to put her hands at 8 and 4 not 10 and 2 cause if she hits something when they're at 10 and 2 and the airbags go off. BOOM insta-broken-wrist.
You're welcome for this helpful information

best friend
by: catrina

dont worry, my best friend is carpophobic. When we lock arms together he has to take a break because it gets to be too much. he's always afraid that someone's going to end up seriously hurting him when they touch his wrists, behind his knees and his ancles. but now that we've gotten so close, we have developed a "secret handshake" where we go in to shake eachother's hands and we rub eachother's wrist with our index finger. i always do it really lightly so he doesnt freak out. and when people ask what we're doing we smile and look at eachother and say "its a trust thing" :)

not alone
by: Anonymous

sometimes one of my friends sits next to me and scratches her wrists if they're itchy and this really freaks me out, even if i turn away. i'm always so scared that she'll cut them :(

by: Anonymous

i can't actually believe so many people have this as well as me, and reading everyone's comments was like exactly how i feel about wrists. i hate it when my friends always tease me but putting their wrists in my face or grabbing onto mine. it makes me feel physically ill and i have this odd desire to protect my wrists by hugging them close to my body. the thought of touching my wrist or anyone touching mine, touching anybody else's or even looking at one makes me panic. i always wear lots of bracelets to make my wrists feel secure - they're the only things i can bare touching them and even then i have to check that there aren't any sharp bits that could cut me. even when i go to sleep at night i have to be paranoid and make sure my wrists aren't exposed.

i have actually gotten better from when i was younger - i was so scared then that i thought flying objects would randomly cut my wrists. even hugging them to my body i was worried about something cutting them and they never felt safe. i guess i've gotten better about it since then, but i don't want to confront it as looking at wrists and touching them disgusts me - i can't even take my own pulse.

it's nice to know i'm not the only one who feels this way, even though i know it's completely irrational.

Oh yes, me too.
by: Fuzz

I don't have an exact fear of BREAKING wrists but i have a fear of seeing, touching, hurting, exposing and thinking of wrists.. It has gotten so bad over the last couple months that i walk around with my hands turned in and my fingers sticking out and i look retarded so i don't have my wrists exposed. I can hardly type right now and when ever someones wrists are facing up i can't look at them and i get really anxious.. I hate thinking about it...

I'm with you
by: Anonymous

I'm afraid of wrists too. It started a few years ago when the thought of someone cutting themselves made me queasy, but now anything to do with wrists freaks me out. It's gotten better, though - I can lightly touch my wrists and look at them, I just don't like straining them, bending them backwards, or making the veins/tendons pop out. I treat them delicately haha. It used to be WAY worse, but this past month I have become more conscious of it and it's been going well.

The same
by: Anonymous

I have that fear too, and i get hassled about it a lot. people find it so funny to watch my reaction because its such an unusual fear, and because i really freak out. i havn't let anyone see my cry about it so i think maybe they dont understand how bad it is. i've tried to tell them to stop but they think im being over-dramatic. and my brother doesnt believe its a real fear. its really difficult to try to explain how it feels so no one knows what its like, so they keep teasing me. making fun of carpophobia or shoving your wrists in someone who has carpophobias face or touching thier wrist really isnt as funny as you think it is. i wish people would understand that.

nothing to fear
by: Anonymous

Its not so much them breaking, just touching. I always cringe away when doctors go to look or people grab me by them. No idea why they just really freak me out, I've always had this fear. Its nothing I'm ashamed of and it doesn't make me any less of a person or stop me doing anything in my life, its just a phobia and I wouldn't quite be myself without it.

I hate it.
by: Racer Chick03

I have the same thing as all of you. I cant wear bracelets. I cant touch myself there or have anyone else touch me there. I cant even look at the inside of other peoples wrists the tendons and veins freak me out. when i look at them or get touched there i freak and rub my wrists on my pants till i go numb and cant feel them anymore. my parents just found out today and have been laughing ever since. they say its ridiculous and stupid and funny. i feel like crying because they keep showing me their wrists. i hate this stupid phobia. atleast there are others like me and im not alone.

true story
by: Anonymous

My fear is not so much breaking my wrist, but just looking at it or touching it makes me freak out. When I was a kid I was friends with someone who cut her wrists. We were 12 and just talking about it makes me flash back to when she would show me. I was traumatized.

Inner elbows
by: Anonymous

I kind of have the same thing but its with my inner elbows. I cant let anyone touch them or touch them myself it makes me feel faint. I almost vommited one day from serving someone that had a fresh tattoo on that area and the worst thing is i have to get a blood test soon ive already put it off a month. I really dont think i can do it and i feel so stupid.

by: Anonymous

had this 4 a longtime now and never knew that others had the same problem. i wanted to get my daughters name done on my wrist but my fear keeps getting the better of me =(

by: Anonymous

I have carpophobia also. What I do is I wear a lot of bracelets on my arms. I never told anyone about my fear but one day I had to take off my bracelets for gym, and I couldn't do it. I started to feel like I was going to faint and no one believed that I was afraid of my wrists. Finally when I convinced them that it was a real phobia, all my friends started shoving their wrists in my face. They all thought it was hilarious, but it really made me upset- like I was going to cry. I kept hitting their hands away. Also, I can never take my pulse on my wrist. It makes me feel sick.

I've had this fear for years.
by: Loudmouthjohn

I have the same phobia. I'm 15 and have had this fear for a few years. How it started, i don't know. Normally a phobia is caused by something that has happened, but for me that wasn't the case. I don't even know how it developed. All i know is that i gets worse and worse each day. I can't even say/type the word, it's that bad. My friends and family know and understand that it's real. I'm just glad that there is other people like me.

carpophobia is not fun
by: alexzandrea

I have carpophobia im only 13 and i have a horrible fear of my wrists i cant even look at my wrists its soo bad i cant see other peoples wrists it just makes me fell all woosy and stuff lol once i was with my guy friend and he was trying to hold my hand and i told him laughing a little bit ... back off or ill slap u... and he asked why and i said i have carpophobia and he asked what that was and i told him touch anywere close to my wrist and ull find out lol it was funny he didnt but dang it was funny from my point of veiw.......... and im glad im not alone on this.

by: Anonymous

I too have a fear of wrists the part were the veins a re visable. I have had this fear for as long as I can remember and I freak out scream. My sisters find my phobia hilarious and do not understand how freaked out I get. To annoy me they have often grabbed my wrists which causes me to scream and sometimes hit out to free myself after these incident I am left feeling faint and nauseaus. I think I am so afraid of them as it is the main part of you body were your veins are most visable. It is comforting to know that others suffer from this fear as I for so long felt I was strange.

And i thought i was weird...
by: Ruth :)

I started having his Phobia when I was around 14, and im still paranoid about them. Whenever people looks at them I feel as if they are going to cut them open.
I always put my arms under my armpits and cross my arms so they are protected. I feel like im going to be sick, and cry if i think about them too much.
I hate telling people about it because they always joke about it and have to stick their whirsts in my face and they get all annoyed when I take it seriously. Luckily my friends understand and never say or remind me of them.
Once, I was playing with my cat and she scratched my whrist. It was the smallest cut, but as soon as I saw the mark and started to bleed I had a huge panic attack and cried for about a hour.
I dont know why Im so frightened of them, but I guess its because they are so fagile, making them easy to hurt or bleed.
Im a strong person and never worry or cry over pain or anything but this is the only thing I worry about.

Im glad its not only me :)

by: Anonymous

I also have carpophobia. It's nice to know in a way that I'm not alone and others have the same problem I guess just so I know I'm not totally crazy. I can't even look at my wrists. Just the word wrist makes me wince.

This is really weird but sometimes I have to fold my arms to protect my wrists in case something accidentally cuts them. I can't touch my wrist, or watch others touching theirs. My friends always tease me by putting their wrists in front of my face but it really creeps me out

Totally not alone.
by: Charlotte

I can't believe that so many other people share Carpophobia! I thought it was just me, i take psychology and even my teacher thought it was a strange phobia. I'e always covered up my wrists with bracelets because if i can see wrists or veins i start crying (so weird!) and my hands start sweating. Btw as a few people have said that very last thing you should do if joke about with someone who has Carpophobia. Not good.

She's not alone
by: Mikayla

Well, carpophobia isn't just a fear of people breaking your wrist, it's a fear of wrists in general. She's not alone, I have it too. People tend to pick on me about it and always shove their wrist in my face, I scream whenever they do that ! anyone who's reading this who isn't carpophobic: NEVER PUT YOUR WRIST IN SOMEONES FACE IF THEY ARE CARPOPHOBIC ! you may think its funny, but to us it is absolutely terrifying !

not alone
by: Vikki

my fear isn't really of breaking my wrist, but ever since i can remember i have felt physically sick if someone, even myself touches my wrists. Looking at wrists maks me feel queezy!
i think it has something to do with the veins rather than the actual wrist, i refuse to have my blood taken, and im always scared of something cutting my wrist. I have a few friends with the same phobia, so no your girlfriend isn't alone!

Thank you for posting.
by: Beatle Freak

Ah, you guys have no idea how comforting this post is. I've had what I recently found was called "carpophobia" forever! I thought I was all alone in this and would often wonder what was wrong with me. I'm so glad that I'm not alone! Anyway, I have quite a few issues with wrists and blood. I can not stand when people have their hands behind their head and extend their wrists. I mean it's incredibly painful to even be typing this...I have a lot of trouble because I'm a high school student so I see this everyday. I can't even look at the classmates who do. I also can not stand the thought of people who cut themselves. I feel physically weak and sick to my stomach. If there is a reference to it I have to leave to room or I'll lock my hands together and try to comfort myself. I even get bothered by the word wrist. Anyway there's more, but you all said it. This post is getting long...I really just want to know if anyone knows how I can get rid of this phobia. It's not the worse phobia to have, but it does interfere with my life.

Everyone should be carpophobic!!
by: Anonymous

since i can remember, i can't handle watching people over-extend their wrists, and expose their inner wrists (the veiny side), let alone do it myself. i hate jewelry that touches my wrists, and long sleeves that end on my wrist. i sleep with my hands bent, so that my wrists are safely covered. I'm not overly sensitive to blood or veins, and people don't understand the extreme measures i take to avoid things touching or exposing my wrists. I get really weak feeling when my wrist phobia is put to test. Once, in the shower, I accidentally scraped my wrist with a pumice stone, and i cried for hours, holding my arm as if my hand had been cut off. Family and friends tell me i need to get over this phobia, but i think everyone should be cautious of their wrists!!! ew.

not alone
by: larissa

I really thought i was alone in this and i didnt even no there was a name for this until i thought i would look on the internet to see if there was a name.

I have a fear of the insides of my wrists. This is because of the veins, i wont let people touch them at all because i freak out and i go all funny and shaky, its not just the wrists but the veins as well. Then my phobia even goes as far as freaking out if people talk about veins and blood or if i see a vein on there arm or wrist i freak out two.

Even talking about blood freaks me out and this all started from the fear of looking at the inside of my wrist. I have no idea where this phobia came from but my older sister is the same as me, i dont no if when we were younger she was scared of them so because she was i copied her behaviour and i have copied her phobia .

by: Anonymous

I have a similar phobia, i can look at wrists just fine but i cant have people touch them and if i see someone put pressure on their wrist or harm them i get upset. cutting wrists is right out. I first remember this fear in secondary school, I refused to have my pulse taken via my wrist in science class and i refused to play volleyball in PE. I sleep with my wrists against something, they cannot be face up. I dont have a problem with bangles but would probably avoid any jewellery that i perceived as dangerous. Glad im not the only one who has something like this.

im not alone?
by: K-la

for the longest time, i thought i was the only person with this kind of phobia! although mine isnt as extreme, i cant stand looking at people touching their wrists. scratching them is the worst!!! i can barely even lightley touching my wrists. ive had this phobia since late 7th grade early 8th grade. its gotten slightley better over the years, but it still freaks me out. im so glad im not the only one out there anymore.

what not to do
by: Anonymous

the worst thing you could possibly do is to jokingly grab her wrists. altohugh it may be funny to you it is reallY disturbing to someone who suffers from carpophobia, i would know!

She is not alone.
by: Misunderstood

Anytime I just think of my wrists, my blood runs cold, I feel dizzy, numb and sick to my stomach. I am absolutely terrified of IV. I can't stand for anyone to touch my wrists.

It has more to do with veins than breaks but it is about wrists. It isn't fun to have this phobia and I have no control over it. Too often people are cruel to me about this phobia because they don't understand. Please be very sympathetic with her about this. It is not her fault.

by: Collin

My fear isn't so much of breaking my wrists, but just them being touched at all. I can't stand it when people or anything touches my wrist. I can't even touch my own wrists.

i believe my phobia is similar.
by: Kay Elle

i have a phobia of wrists and veins too. i can't bear to look at them. just the thought of it makes me shudder. i believe this is because when i was younger my stepsister used to make me watch her cut herself for attention. i hated it, and now i can't even think about it. anything related to selfharm, wrists or veins makes me violently ill.

Me too
by: Marisa

I broke my wrist Firday August 16th, 2008. (Don't ask how I remember the date) It hurt REALLY bad. I'm not exactly sure why your girlfriend is just afraid of breaking her wrists but not other joints. Kind of an odd fear...

Not alone :)
by: Britt

yeahh i have the phobia of wrists too.. and as a lot of people are mentioning not just breaking them.. like i wouldnt mind if i did. but i wouldnt help myself much in the fact i wouldnt be able to look at it..
honestly and its really quite mean how some people wont take it seriously. like i confessed it at school and automatically everyone starts shoving wrists all up in my face. i like broke down in tears and ran out.. i also hyperventilate.. not fun:L

but yeah its easy to live with as long as noone goes out of their way to scare me..

not alone
by: Anonymous

absolutely not alone. i have the same phobia and i think it may have genetic roots because my mother is the same way also. it's not just a fear of having them broken,'s a fear of them in general. i can't even look at mine or at somebody else's...and the mention of them makes me feel sick and i start breathing fast/hyperventilating/feeling faint. i even have trouble with the word sometimes, you notice i haven't called them by name in this whole post. generally its worse if someone is incredibly thin or if somebody talks about cutting. anytime someone turns the inside of their............wrist--i said it!--facing out, i start to feel sick and i usually pull my own hands up near my face, protecting the area. i wouldn't say its normal but i would say that its possible to live a fairly normal life despite it. i have. the best thing you can do for your gf is just not to tease her about it and if she has a problem with something you are doing, try to accommodate her.

by: Anonymous

she isnt alone in this...
i have this fear
its not just the fear of breaking my wrist, i cant look at them or touch them, and if anyone goes near my wrists i just freak out!
it is the thought of anything say cutting my wrists or harming them...
also i have another friend with the same fear
i think it is more common that alot of people realise!

by: Minnesotan Girl

I have a fear of wrists as well! I am afraid that my veins are going to burst, and that my blood will spray all over like spider man and his web. I know that is completely ridiculous but I can't help it. My fear stems from when I was two and broke my right wrist, when the took off my cast my arm was frail and week and I remember cutting it and it bled forever. My close friends know not to touch my wrists. When people do, I get instantly sick feeling and light headed. I sometimes start to hyperventilate. I can not wear any sort of bracelet watch or snug shirt. Sometimes even looking at my wrists or others causes me to feel ill, especially when people are pale and the blueness of their vein sticks out.

She's not alone.
by: Alana.

Your girlfriend isn't alone. I have this also. I cannot stand anyone touching, looking at, grabbing, or coming anywhere near my wrists. If someone does do any of that, it makes me physically ill, I lash out and then hold my wrists close to my heart, shielding the veiny side away from anyone/anything.
I also cannot stand to see others' wrists. I feel ill and squeamish and again, grab my own wrists and hold them close.
The same thing also happens with veins on my neck, only on the right side. If anyone touches my neck I have to bring my shoulder up so as to shield it. =/
Glad to hear a phobia of wrists has a name.

she isn't alone
by: Anonymous

my sister and i have the exact same problem. if someone touches my wrists i freak out. and i cant stand to look at the inside side of mine or anyone's wrists without hyperventilating. and im not a freak or anything im completely normal this is just something that makes my life a little bit more difficult. tell her not to tell anyone else because people grab my wrists all the time teasing me about it because they really dont understand how bad it is and ill know how she feels.

not wrists
by: Anonymous

She's probably more afraid of something happening to her wrists (since the wrist has major veins running through them.) Breaking a wrist can make these veins snap or break.

Or maybe it's a fear of the bone sticking out the skin? (Personally, I can't stand the thought of a bone out the's just gross...)

me too
by: Anonymous

hi...your girlfriend's not alone. i have it too, except i never knew it had a name. someone touching my wrists makes me so angry and emotional i lose control over what i do.

i have been known to lash out violently and physically hurt those closest to me, simply because they didn't understand and grabbed my wrists for fun.

And when someone touches my wrists i am compelled to rub them together, as if cleansing them or something. its uncontrollable.

i just had a fight with my sister over this because she thinks im making it up.

Hey me too
by: Rebekah


I have a fear of that too! My biggest fear is wrists!!!!! i cant stand the things everyone takes mick out of me at skool but i just have to live with it! She is not alone dont worry

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