Do You Suffer From Carcinophobia?

Carcinophobia is an extreme form of fear from the disease cancer. This phobic condition is quite unnatural as it makes the individual afraid of all sorts of negative bodily symptoms. One physical discomfiture and the person start believing that he has cancer.

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Cancer is not contagious, still victims of carcinophobia believe that if they come in touch with people suffering from cancer they too will become a part of this suffering.

Thus, after meeting a cancer patient they feel as if they do not feel like eating and that they need to wash themselves frequently. They behave in a way as if the germs of cancer like pollen grains have been distributed well throughout their body.

Headache is one of the most common symptoms of carcinophobia and some may even consider this form of headache a sign of brain tumor. Quite surprisingly, this particular form of irrational health related fear makes people suffer all the more.

The most upsetting part of the story is that some forms of therapeutic treatments take months and even years to show relief from a condition of cancerophobia. Such long-term therapies are not only pointless; they can also work hard to make the condition worse and severe.

However, the truth is that with the right sort of treatment, carcinophobia can be aptly eliminated in just 10 minutes a day.

Several psychotherapists say that carcinophobia can deteriorate the quality of your existence, thus parting you more from your family members and business associates.

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Some of the common symptoms of carcinophobia

  • Rapid breathing

  • Sweating

  • An overall feeling of dread

  • Shortness of breath

  • Inability to think and speak properly

  • Infrequent heartbeat

  • Nausea or queasiness

When do you develop carcinophobia?
This question is indeed critical. All are aware of the ill effects of cancer but only a few are apprehensive about the condition. What is the reason behind this? Some people have an altogether different psychological set up.

Thus, when they see a cancer patient suffering and come to know the detrimental consequences of the disease, they just feel as if the whole environment is cancerous.

Usually carcinophobia is closely associated with the fear of death. However, rather than dreading the condition it is essential that you should have a cancer consciousness.

You may take to several preventive measures like averting yourself from smoking cigarettes and exposing yourself to strong sunlight. Medical encyclopedias always state that prevention is indeed better than cure.

Moreover, you can also go for periodical medical check ups as a means to assure yourself that you are not a patient of cancer.

How self-help NLP work in eliminating carcinophobia
Self-help NLP procedure is surely a make believe process. It changes your mental “construct” and helps to make you live for the better causes in life.
Self-help NLP techniques can successfully remove the negative feelings and ideas about cancer and enable you to have a better understanding of the condition.

Thus, after your mental “construct” is reprogrammed, you will surely feel that cancer is not death. It is only a physiological absurdity, which can definitely be eradicated with the right self-help NLP cure and care.

Therefore, the time has come when you should be a bit cautious about a healthy life style and successfully prevent yourself from suffering from cancer rather than becoming a victim of carcinophobia for the rest of your life.

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