Carbophobia (Fear of Wrists)

by Autumn

Hi there! I'm 13 and I have had this fear of wrists (carbophobia) for as long as I can remember. I hate hearing the word and i cant even write it down anymore without shaking. My friends at school like to make fun of me for it and it gets really scary and makes everything worse. They try to touch them or show me theirs, and i cant stand even looking at them. Its gotten to the point in which my friend was joking around and showing me hers that I burst into tears in the middle of class. No one I know has this fear and it makes me feel like a freak. When i just recently had a psyhical at the doctors my nurse had to check my pulse and I flipped out. I wouldnt let her touch them and almost cried so she took it on my neck. I do not mind people touching my neck at all, but the veins on Ws just scare and freak me out so much. I had anything to do about self harm on them and cried when my teacher brought it up.

Does anyone else have this fear of wrists? I would really like to know if anyone has had it or still does. What can I do to cure it?

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