Caligynephobia- Fear of beautiful women

by Rouie Sindac

I am temporarily staying at my best friends house. When I was at grade 3, my best friends sister went to UAE and she is beautiful :). The first day, I'm not afraid of her. But the following day, There's the first time I'm trying to go on and hide from her. But she keep on saying " What happen to you? Why are you keep on hiding?. Am I ugly? that should be afraid of? " with laugh. But I said " No, someone's calling at my mobile." But thats not true. Then my best friend knew that I am afraid of her sister. Then I told her to keep it a secret. But when she graduated in hIGH SCHOOL, i TOTALLY miss her. Because only a short time we hang out , I think only ONE DAY!!. But today, she went back her in UAE to go to her family and all together they will go to CANADA FOR GOOD. They are not going back then I cried so much in the school bathroom. When she went to school Goosebombs come out all over my body. I'm really scared. Now, I am trying to write a book as long as she is here and i will give it to my best friend to give to her sister. What's the feeling of having a phobia :(.

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