butterfly phobia

by sumaiyah

iam so glad and feel like jumping when i find all these stories resemble mine- the way my parents find it silly, my friends tease me and how it makes me sick when i see a moth around me.
iam 14 years old and iam having this phobia since i was 3.
whenever i used to see a paper moving due to the fan, i used to get scared.
i have a very intresting story of mine
this week when i was in my aerobics class, i saw a big moth flying over my head in the mirror, i frezed.
i started trembling .
i could'nt contreol my urge to get out of the hall, but my coach did'nt allowed me to.
she gave me a freazing look that made me stick there.
when i realised that everyone were laughting at me, it was tooooo late.
now they know about my fear of moths and butterflies .
the next day i was sick to go to my class again.cuz i know it wont go till 3 4 days.
but finally i found that iam safe cuz i din not find any trace of it as i cheacked the walls.
but still i could not concentrate.
i dont know why they just freak me out of my head.
i really want to overcome this fear.
if there is any remedie pls let me know.

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