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Phobia butterflies
by: Anonymous

Not sure why I'm so scared of butterflies and moths just had a black butterflie in house so I freaked out and screamed my partner thought I was stupid and silly for being so scared as they don't hurt you I've told him that it's a proper phobia but still says I need to grow up and stop being a baby :(

by: Anonymous

You guys they are harmless insects! Why do hate things that cause you no harm? Hate is one thing, but a phobia? Go to sleep they don't have stingers or venom to kill you're good.

Hate hate hate butterfly and moth
by: Anonymous

I can't remember when I start hating and afraid of moth and butterfly. Just by reading some of the comments, I started to shiver. If I found one in the house, I would just sit in one Place until someone kill it. I am fearful of them and there are people who just can't understand why I am. I have read most of the comments that people posted and can relate and feel exactly the same way.

by: Anonymous

I'm Brazilian and I've been deadly scared of butterflies since childhood. I have no idea why. My mom says I would even pick and admire them when I was younger... so I have no idea when or why it changed. I've been through some embarrassing situations because of that, but I don't care... I would do anything to escape them. When I was at school some classmates found out about this fear and they would bully me about it. Now I tell very few people about it because people usually think it's not serious and want to "test" my fear. It's not funny.

I'm really scared of butterflys and moths
by: Anonymous

I am really scared of moths and butterflies. moths i'm kind of getting over but butterflies they scarethe crap out of me and im glad that there are other people that are like me scared of them, espechially monarchs and the black ones, my friends and family think im weird for being scared of them im glad im not alone :)

by: isvanelul

I share the same phobia, since childhood I am afraid of Butterfly. Just like the rest of you, I scream and try to run if any sort of butterfly came to me and into me.
What I try to understand is why...I've read all comments and I see that the majority of us don't remember any bad experiences with it. I know everything about cognitive therapies and i think that, in some cases, they are good but I am very skeptical about them in the cases where the original trauma is so deep hide that you can not remember anything.
So, for the stranger who can provide some information about his original trauma, i big thanks in advance!
PS; Sorry about my English, is not my mother tongue...

Nasty Butterflies
by: Anonymous

Thank you guys for letting me know that Im not alone. People do not understand what it is like...they think that its hilarious. If anyone has tried to deal with phobia and has had success....please post your solution! I DREAD spring/summer because I never know when one is going to appear. Just thinking about them make my skin crawl :(

When I see them I start to panic and cry
by: Anonymous

I don't know how I got this phobia but I realized very soon that I am extremely scared of Clowns... even if they just have paint their face and look like one I start to panic, cry and tremble. Mostly I'm afraid of killerclowns because they look like they would kill you. Sometimes in the night when I don't wear my glasses I see shadows and I always think that it's a clown and I hide myself in my blanket. I just hope that I will never see a clown again

I'm not alone!!!
by: Katy

Im really scared of butterflies ..when I was 9 I went to a butterfly park and there were soo many butterflies an they all touched me and put on me.. i was so scared that I screamed out of the park..I'll never forget this day it was horrible.. since this day I'm really scared of butterflies.. (sorry for my mistakes in the text)

by: ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

I am absolutly terrified of butterflies and moths - I have nightmares about them flying at me. If someone has to get a butterly or moth out of the house for me - I have to see them wash their hands with soap afterwards. I cannot tolerate dead ones or even part of dead ones like the wing - that is in someways worse - when they are decaying. I hate the way their wings move. I hate how still they can be - so you do not know if they are alive or dead - then they suddenly fly at you. People laugh at this and then when they get to know me they realise that where ever i am there are more butterflies - they come in the house or try and land on me. I have to run and scream. The worst for sure are red admirals painted ladies peacocks and tortoise shells. As I have got older I am 32 - I realise that I don't mind cabbage whites and am almost a fan.I wwould not touch one but can be outside with them.
My fear started at about the age of 3 and I can still remember when they were on my arm as I played in the garden and I had to shake my arm to try and get them off because they can hold on.Makes me feel sick thinking of it. I never played outside after that summer.

I am determine to cure my butterfly phobia
by: Sam Yiu

I am just another butterfly phobia victim. I think I am going to do something about that fear, it has really cause much inconvience to my daily life. I am determine to give my self a challenge.

I hate them, so much
by: Sophie

I'm the only one I know with this stupid phobia.
The summer is awful, last summer I was walking down to my friends house and two of them came straight for me, my legs turned to jelly and my eyes watered, i nearly jumped out in front of a car to get away from them.
My father caught one in his bare hands and came chasing after me with it, one day, I had a huge panic attack, and made a fool out of myself in front of everyone.
and then there was a huge one in Tesco
and i ran off and when i went back killian had it in his hand and i started crying and then he put it outside and i got all better and cam but everytime i went back to that corner i started crying and everyone pissed themselves.
I feel so stupid after I have an attack but at the time I don't know what to do. I would be terrified to have to stay in one of those butterfly houses at the zoo. I hate being the only one with this.

A Butterfly can scare the hell out of me.
by: Anonymous

A single Butterfly/Moth can scare the hell out of me,i get goosebumps when I come accross one,the way they fly restlessly scares me even more..I do not understand how people find them beautiful..people find it funny/silly when they get to know I have butterfly Phoebia.I even get dreams in which a butterfly is coming and sitting on my neck and by far those have been the scariest dreams,i've got up screaming and sweating.

So I'm not alone!
by: Karen

wow ... I never thought I would hear from so many people with the same fear as I...
I just spend over an hour in my bathroom because I saw a butterfly fly pass the door! I finally got out... no sign of the butterfly and honestly I don't feel very good in my apartment now knowing it's in here somewhere and I can't see it... !!

I don't think I will be able to sleep!

My family and friends don't understand
by: Anonymous

I am scared of butterflies and moths as well, but most people around me don't really care. They simply thought I was weird. My parents don't understand and constantly showed annoyance when I displayed fear (I am not talking about screaming; just avoiding them quietly makes them frown) They once forced me to go to a butterfly park. My friends thought it was funny and always teased me about it and catch moths to scare me. Once, an Atlas moth was found in school, and I think you know what they did. I wish people around me can understand this fear of mine.

got both moth n butterfly phobia..
by: Anonymous

its good 2 know that m not the only person 2 get Mottephobia,,
M scared of it.. cant stand it at all.. not even those which are of 1 cm or so.. nt even dead ones.. Let alone getting near it, i cnt stand them i the same room..
The thing that makes me happy is that my friends n family know about it n does everything to get them out of the room..
Once in my Physics classroom there was this bigg Moth sitting on the wall.. I was sooo scared that i ran out of the room crying n screaming n one of my friend climbed on the desk to scare it out of the room.. OMG will never forget that day..

by: Anonymous

even if there is a butterfly wing on the floor i panic and if i see a caterpillar i squash it and think how many life threating attacks i have saved myself

butterflys and moths
by: Anonymous

i am scared to death of butterfly's and moths. it's wierd though because i am more scared of red admirals than other butterflys but i am so glad to say that the little grass moths do not bother me any more. i wouldnt pick one up and stroke it but i can walk through a field and not get freaked out ( unlesss of course i am attacked by another moth or butterfly )it annoys me how everyone else thinks its funny and that i should just ' get over it ' they should try being scraed of butterflys because then i'd laugh at them :)

Butterfly Phobia
by: Anonymous

as everybody else has stated i too feel extremely happy for not being d only fool!

by: moth hater

I personally hate both moths and butterflies. Small tiny yellow n white butterflies are tolerable, but the big black ones.. ugrhh!!!! and those fat furry bodied black moths eeewww!! i cant stand them.

I'm so surprised to find out so many ppl out there are terrified of these fury creatures as i am. if they enter my living room i jst scream and run to my room. i have spent many nights hostage in my room or house cause i cant face the moth or butterfly hiding out side.

my bf and family have to understand the fear and chase it out. i feel bad besause i become such a nervous wreck around them.

has anyone tried to overcome this phobia? if there is a solution let me know.

by: Anonymous

I am a little relieved that there are other people who feel the same way abt butterflies. I hateeeeeee them. They give me the creeps and I run like crazy when I see any. I don't know what to do abt it????

fear of butterflies and moths
by: Anonymous

I thought that i was the only person on earth to fear these creatures since everyone else absolutely finds them beautiful. thank god that there are less flying around than when i was a child. if by bad chance one enters my house, i become an emotional wreck and i have to leave unless someone gets rid of it and i need proof!
The wings, the furry body, the colours and especially the size give me the creeps.

me too
by: Anonymous

I am soooo much afraid of them.and its a trouble for my day to dy life also...some times I cry....once i stopped going for work also..

Dull Coloured butterflies And MOTHS !!
by: Anonymous

Wow,unbelievable how many people are afraid of butterflies and moths im shocked and i freak out when i see any butterflies or moths i get goose bumps and go crazy! :(

by: p.lisa.g

omg i didnt realise so many people are afraid of butterflies and moths.
I have an intense fear of them, i freak out and panic and scream if i see one, and if they come anywhere near me i am mortified.
i do not know when i began being afraid of them as far as i can remember they freak me out
I have to cover my face if one is near me and i cant get away or i will run away.
i could be anywhere at an exam, a funeral, wedding.. u name it.. if i see a butterfly ill flip out and run..
i have no idea why??

i hate them
by: Anonymous

I feel happy to read these comments about other butterfly phobias, i'm going to make my family read all of these comments just to let them know i'm not alone in this, i can especially relate to the person who mentioned not being as scared of the cabbage whites, it's just something about the colours combined with the flapping noise of the wings, and the fat hairy bodies! bork bork! One came into the house last week i rang my husband to come and rescue me but he was to busy so i had to deal with it myself, it was such an ordeal for me, my heart was beating way to fast for hours after.

Butterfly phobia
by: Anonymous

My fear began when I was very small and my mother told me that if I so much as brushed a butterfly's wing it would die. For years, I was terrified of moths and butterflies and would duck under the picnic blanket if even the tiniest butterfly meandered by. If a moth flew into my room at night I had to go sleep somewhere else.

I realize now that my phobia lessened hugely once my father died. He was ill the whole time I was growing up, and my fear of butterflies was that I would unwittingly inflict damage on them, not the other way around. I must have made a connection between my father's fragile state and that of the butterfly and been terrified of my "powers" to destroy.I wonder if anyone else has experienced this ?

Terrified of Butterflies
by: Lucinda

I am so scared of butterflies, even reading about them on this page makes me feel all jumpy. I remember when I was little I used to play with dead ones at my Grandmas house in the country. The butterflies would get into her house, but then they wouldn't be able to get out again and they died. The first time I remember being scared of one was seeing one half dead hopping down the satir case half fluttering its decrepid damaged wings. I think this is where my phobia began.

If one comes near me I scream and shout, I just have to get away from it. If one comes into the house it is the worst thing that can happen. I know if I don't know where it has gone in the house I won't be able to go back in there and so I have to force myself to watch it until someone can come to my rescue.

Having a butterfly near me, looking at a picture, or even just talking about them makes me feel physically sick, cold and pannicky. I have this thing where my hands go rigid and shakey and I cannot touch anything. I find that this is much worse when the butterfly is a peacock or a red admiral. The fear is not so ad with cabbage whites.

I hate the fluttering anf the sound of their wings. I hate how their wings are stiff and so thin. I hate when they are just sitting there with their wings closed up as much as when they are fluttering about.

I wish I could overcome my fear as it plays a big part in my life especially in the summer but I am sure this will never happen.

Phobia to poetry
by: Rebecca

Since early childhood I have been terrified of Butterflies and I even wrote a poem at the tender age of 10...
Walking slowly down a lonely track,
I felt something flutter on my back.
I turned around to take a spy,
and there it was...a butterfly!
"Oh no" I gasped "Not him again"
and off I ran on down the lane.
The lane was narrow dark and dim,
oops I tripped over a garbage bin.
I ran so fast I could not see,
that it was catching up to me!
I ran into a large brick wall,
and then of course I had a fall.
In the end it went on by,
Oh I hate those butterflies!!!
Copyright Rebecca Morris 1985

Nobody understands and I have put up with a lifetime of teasing but nothing will change my mind....they make my skin crawl!

i hate them
by: paola

I hate butterflies, they scare the heck out of me, I didn't know more people feel the same as me. They dont look pretty too me, they look evil I have no clue why people think they're so pretty, I hate them.

satanic wings
by: arko sabui

those creatures might appear beautiful to others but to me they are nothing short of messengers of the devil.
if one butterfly or moth enters the house i drive everyone crazy!
i dont know the cause but they seem to have terrified me since times immemorial.
my friends and family members have tried to make me understand that there is no problem with them but my heart feels otherwise.
i have cried many nights just at the thought of them!

Blue morpho
by: Anonymous

When i was 5 i was visiting family in south america when i encountered a blue morpho butterfly. i'm 17 now, and i have a phobia.

Me To
by: Anonymous

Im glad to know im not the only strange person in the world that is terrified of Moths and Butterflies. Ive been the same since I was a child and its horrible.

I thought I was the only one!
by: Eeeeekkk!

I can totally related to being teased about "killer butterflies" coming after me. I'm 30 now and have had this fear since I was 10 or so. Prior to that I had no problem with snakes, worms, butterflies or anything. I have no idea what changed my mind since I never had a bad encounter with them.

I'm terrified of insects/reptiles/amphibians/arachnids in general, but to me butterflies are like the biggest insect that exists. Maybe that's why I think they are the scariest.

I feel ridiculous about this fear since everyone loves butterflies. I try not to let anyone find out that I'm afraid of them.

beware the killer butterfly
by: Anonymous

Thank god I am not alone! I am 35 years old and have been teased since childhood over my strange fear of butterflies (and moths). If one comes remotely near me I run for cover, usually knocking over anything or anyone in my way! My kids joke and say 'Watch out for the killer butterfly' but to me it is a real fear. I know they can not harm me - but my skin crawls at the sight of one (dead or alive...even ornamental. The texture, colour and the veins in the wings, along with their irratic fluttering totally freak me out! I even wrote a poem when I was 10 about my fear. I still have it!
Apparently Nicole Kidman shares this fear!

Also suffer Butterfly Phobia
by: Anonymous

It may seem very stange to some, especially those who rave over the beautiful markings and mourn the loss of several species. For me the more colourful the butterfly, the worse my fear and I feel joy that some butterflies are dying out. My phobia is very debilitating, my heart races, my mouth becomes dry and sometimes I cant physically move. It one manages to get into the house, I have to leave and then I need to be convinced that the creature has ben removed before I can return. It appears to be an irrational fear and I have no idea why or how it started but I have felt this fear for as long as I can remember and I am now 53. I am thankful that I live in a country where there are no large species. As for the cure .... I don't want to like butterflies, it's as simple as that.

moth phobia
by: Anonymous

My thing is moths. I hate them. In my bad fantasies a huge huge moth starts batting his powdery wings in my face.

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