Do You Suffer From Brontophobia?

Brontophobia known as Astraphobia, Keraunophobia, Tonitrophobia or the fear of lightning and thunder, especially affects children. However, the symptoms of this specific phobic condition are also quite apparent in adults and teenagers.

Jan Heering

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An individual suffering from this type of phobia tends to hate summer. This is because summers are seasons of occasional thunderstorms and lightning. Such individuals stay tight from May to September and feel relieved once the winters months are at the doorstep.

Such thunderstorm obsessions can make you panic and prevent you from enjoying the rest of the months.

Some common symptoms of brontophobia

  • Panic attacks

  • Difficulty in breathing

  • A rapid heart beat

  • Sweaty palms

The apprehensions associated with brontophobia at times can overwhelm you making you feel sick and restless.

If you are a victim of brontophobia, you may try to combat the condition in your own way by trying to hide yourself. Small children who are extremely afraid of thunder and lightning tend to hide in places like inside the cupboards, under the stairs and under the bed.

They look for places from where they will not be able to see or hear the storm.

Brontophobia can make you dive for foxholes. You may run and shut the blinds, turn the radio off, turn off the lights and television, lie flat on the floor far away from the window or curl yourself up in the bed.

You then just cover your head and try to sleep asking God to keep you safe and secure. All these you do just to make sure that thunder and lightning can cause you no harm.

Your condition may not have been such from the childhood. There was a time when you could dance and enjoy yourself in the rain. However, after that mishap when lightning shot from electric sockets in the parlor and out of the kitchen faucet during a terrible incident of hail and storm.

After that it was an absolute blackout and thunder and lightning became the worst enemies of your life.

Some usual characteristics of individuals suffering from brontophobia

  • People who suffer from brontophobia keep on changing the television channels and stop where they could hear a news bulletin stating the weather of the day. This they do to ensure any chances of thunder and lightning.

  • What is most pathetic is that such individuals know that their fear is irrational but cannot think of ways to get rid of the situation. If there is a chance of lightning, they keep on worrying who would be that first unfortunate one to receive a blow of light and thunder.

  • A person suffering from brontophobia tends to be extra vigilant and have the habit of taking normal precautions more than what is required.

Experts say that in case of victims suffering from brontophobia the apprehensive section of the mind has no link with the rational world. When thunder affects this particular portion of the brain the victim may experience occasional panic anxiety attacks.

How to get rid of brontophobia
Self-help Neuro Linguistic Program genuinely works in treating this particular phobic condition. It is the fastest way of treating a phobia.

With the help of such self-help NLP skills , you can create reality for yourself. In this way, it becomes easy for you to re-structure your mental set up and have a better grip over your emotions and sentiments in life.

This is how self-help NLP techniques work for the not so better part of your mind.

Therefore, now there is no need for you to close your doors and windows or hide under the bed before an approaching storm. With the help of effective self-help NLP methods , you can boldly combat brontophobia.

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