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I have the same problem
by: Anonymous

I have had this fear to go #2 since I can remeber. I am 36 yrs old & I have panic disorder, OCD, depression, & Agoraphobia. It started when I was about 7yrs old while camping at the beach for a week and not wanting to use the public toilet. It went on to holding it if the urge came during school or if a boy was over as I got older. It changed into not getting the "regular" urge when my boyfriend was here. After about a 1 1/2 yrs being together the urge brought on dizziness, sweeting, nausea, shakiness, dry mouth, & then sudden urge to have a half "normal" stool, half watery stool. As soon as I know he will be here or if I have to go somewhere I start feeling the same way. I finally talked to him about it & I only hope doing that will only help the situation get better. Thanks for your post.

I Know the Feeling, Toby!
by: Rach

My bowels have been blighting my life for years, and I have a practical reason, the fact that there's no guarantee the flush will remove everything immediately. How do other people live without dreading their next Number 2? I wish the waste still looked like leftover food, it would be easier for me to come to terms with, then. I often wonder if my beautiful heart-throb had the bowel business; it would cheer me up if I could hear somewhere/somehow that he did; stop me feeling so physically inferior to him. Instead, I've heard that he had homosexual tendencies, that has made me feel even more depressed and disgusted with Nature. Sometimes I hate life!

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